• How to pass inspection?

    Every year in Russia more than 20 million vehicles pass inspection. In this article we will tell you how to pass a vehicle inspection, what documents are needed, where and when it is necessary to pass a vehicle inspection and about some innovations.

    Where and how to pass inspection

    Until recently, technical inspection of vehicles was carried out only in the traffic police offices. It was necessary to come to the office, which is located at the place of your permanent or temporary registration. However, since 2011, the rules have changed somewhat, and now it is possible to pass technical inspections in private technical centers. Further a few recommendations on how to pass inspection:

    • Be sure to collect all the fines and receipts that you have before going through MOT (technical inspection), since they must be paid for in order to pass MOT. Payment can be made directly at the service station.
    • The address of registration in the certificate of registration must coincide with the address in the passport.
    • In the trunk should be a fire extinguisher (just not very old!), An emergency sign and with a mandatory first-aid kit.
    • Before THAT, it is imperative to check whether oil, brake fluid is leaking, hoses are in good condition, as well as low and high beam headlights and turn signals.

    Now that you have to be sure to check:

    1. Sound signal.
    2. Total steering play.
    3. CO emission
    4. Low and high beam, brake light bulbs, turn signals, side lights, fog lights.
    5. Washers, front and rear wipers.
    6. Handbrake and braking force of the rear and front axles.

    Documents for the passage of MOT

    First, we say that you need to fill in documents only with a ballpoint pen without strikethroughs and postscripts. Now we will present the list of necessary documents.

    1. Driver's license.
    2. Identification. Most often this is a Russian passport or a temporary certificate issued in case of loss of a passport. If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, then you need to submit a residence permit or national passport.
    3. Certificate of registration of the vehicle (vehicle).
    4. Technical passport, technical certificate and a document that confirms the right to own or use the vehicle.
    5. Receipt of payment of state duty for car tax and coupon issuance.

    Some categories of citizens are exempted from paying state duty. It:

    • pensioners
    • heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union
    • disabled people
    • Holders of the Order of Glory 3 degrees.

    If necessary, the driver will also need to present an agreement with the advertiser, if any advertising is applied to the vehicle. A medical certificate from 2011 is not a mandatory document for passing inspection. The CTP policy since 2011 is issued in the presence of a document confirming the TRP (state technical inspection).

    How long can you ride without passing MOT

    Earlier from the moment of registration of the vehicle, it was possible to drive to the traffic police without going for a vehicle for 30 days. If you did not pass the inspection on time, the traffic police officers had the right to fine you, and your vehicle could be deprived of license plates and even banned the vehicle and send it to the penalty area. However, according to the new rules adopted in 2012, the traffic police will no longer have to pass a MOT voucher to the traffic police, but nevertheless, you will not issue some important documents without technical inspection, so you will still have to pass it.

    The cost of MOT and other nuances

    The state duty for passing the inspection is in 2012 720 rubles. After payment, you can appear with any documents at any point suitable for passing MOT, where you can go through this procedure within 30 minutes.

    Often the question arises whether it is possible to pass a vehicle inspection by proxy. We answer: yes, you can. Passage of maintenance by proxy is possible if there are no comments on the technical condition of the vehicle. At the same time for the passage of MOT, it is enough to have a power of attorney in handwritten form, a notarized document is not required.

    Now a few words about the passage of MOT for tinted cars. Despite the fact that the law allows light transmission of up to 75% for the windshield and up to 70% for side windows, the passage of TO with tinted glass in our country is a rather complicated and very expensive thing, so decide for yourself.

    How often to pass inspection

    Everything is simple here. Cars under the age of 3 years are MOT when buying, age from 3 to 7 years - every two years, age over 7 years - every year. Also, vehicles with special signals, training vehicles, trucks and trailers undergo annual inspection.Every six months you need to carry out the passage for taxis, buses and cars carrying special cargo. But motorcycles need to pass MOT only once - when buying.

    How to pass inspection 2012 - innovations

    Recently, new rules were adopted, significantly simplifying the passage of MOT. As you already know, it is now possible to pass inspection at any convenient place, regardless of registration. The policy of CTP is issued only if there is a coupon for the passage of the TRP, and the latter must be valid for more than six months, otherwise the policy of CTP will not be given to you. And finally, the pass on the passage of the TRP will no longer need to show the traffic police.

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