• How to paint eyelashes with mascara?

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    How to paint eyelashes with mascara?

    Many women perceive mascara and its application as usual, so do not attach much importance to technology. As they learned to paint eyelashes with mascara for the first time, they paint all their life. But the result and the beauty of eye makeup depend on the methods of applying mascara on the eyelashes.

    How to paint the eyelashes with mascara

    You can complain as much as you like about the quality of the carcass and not worry about whether you use it correctly. We proceed to the virtuoso makeup with the help of mascara alone.

    Rules for applying mascara on the eyelashes:

    1. The effect (volume, lengthening or curls) depends not only on the properties of the carcass, but also on its application. Would you like a chic eyelash volume? Then paint your eyelashes in zigzags. Thus, much more mascara will settle on the eyelashes, and the eyelashes will appear more voluminous. But remember, this is recommended only for owners of short eyelashes. Long eyelashes, painted with zigzags will look untidy, crumpled, but they just stick together.These girls should always paint the eyelashes with a new, not dried mascara in a horizontal position.
    2. Love naturalness? Would you like to make a natural makeup? Fluffy, fluffy and romantic eyelashes can be obtained by bringing the brush to the eyelashes and blinking. The effect will be only when using a new, not dried mascara. This tip is only suitable for owners of long eyelashes. You exclude the possibility of the appearance of the so-called spider legs with lumps on the eyelashes.
    3. Great difficulties arise in girls with lush long eyelashes, which are difficult to paint over from the outer corners of the eyes. Pay attention to this, as stuck eyelashes on the outside often spoil the whole image. Open your eyes as wide as possible, separately draw mascara on the upper and lower cilia. And in the end you can walk the corner of the brush between them.
    4. If you like to paint the eyelashes in 2 layers, then you can not apply the second layer to the completely dried first. The mascara will crumble, and the eyelashes will look "broken." But immediately not worth it. Paint after the first layer of the lower eyelashes, and then add a second layer on the top.In general, quick-drying carcasses are not recommended to be applied in 2 layers. For this you should choose oily carcasses with a large amount of wax in the composition.
    5. Immediately after dyeing your eyelashes with mascara, comb them with an old brush from the mascara, they will become fluffy. And if you comb them with special plastic comb for eyelashes, it will give a good separation of the cilia.

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