• How to paint a nursery

    When painting and decorating a nursery, you need to remember the main rule: a child perceives the world around him not like everything, but in his own way, in a different way. An important point in the design of a child's room is its coloring. Therefore, each parent must choose the colors and materials so that the baby is happy and comfortable in his small world.
    If you follow the recommendations of child psychologists, you must first listen to the child and determine his temperament. Based on this, you should select the color scheme of his room.
    So, bright colors will help to cheer up, but they are contraindicated to the restless kid, like a tornado. And if your baby is prone to melancholy, then you do not need to paint his room in cold shades.
    Also, when choosing a color, you must take into account the direction of light from the windows. To avoid the feeling of coldness from the windows located on the north side, avoid cold tones. On the south side, you must also be extremely careful, and do not use terracotta, crimson and red.
    Ideally, the color scheme in the nursery should be periodically changed. Young children - pure colors, a combination of different shades to teenagers.
    Some psychologists do not recommend buying wallpaper or painting a nursery with airplanes, bunnies or bears - such a drawing annoys the child and eventually begins to cause discomfort. There is no need to use bright and very large images of people and animals in the design of the children's room; they can create incorrect stereotypes in the child.
    Paint for the child's room, it is best to choose water-based. It has no smell, is not afraid of detergents.
    Wallpaper for the nursery, it is better to use paper, film materials are not appropriate here, they do not absorb moisture and have a small air conduction, so the air-humid mode will be broken in the room, which will create additional difficulties for normal breathing in such a room.
    Well, and do not forget about the main thing, the child should be comfortable in his room, only this will contribute to the healthy growth and comfort of the baby.

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