• How to overcome self-doubt?

    It is no secret that a confident person achieves his goals faster and easier than one who doubts his own abilities and is constantly subject to agitation. Chronic bad luck haunts a shy person everywhere, and even if he has a lot of valuable qualities, it is not easy for others to see them. At work, a timid employee is likely to remain without a raise or increase in salary, and in his personal life indecision will only interfere. Where are the origins of such character traits and how to overcome fear and insecurity in order to become successful and find inner harmony?

    Where does uncertainty come from

    As a rule, the cause of the development of various psychological problems is incorrect parenting. After all, we are not born with a ready set of personal qualities. All norms of behavior are formed as they grow up, and one of the main guidelines for the child is his or her relatives. If prohibited methods are used in communication with children, this is reflected in the immature psyche and leads to the development of a wide variety of complexes.

    Doubtful methods of education are passed from generation to generation, and surely every insecure person heard in childhood these words: “Take the example of Masha, she is a good girl, not what you are!”, “You are not asked!”, “Fool, you can never do this exercise correctly. " Walking around phrases that are not taken seriously by mom and dad, stay forever in the child’s subconscious. Any action for him becomes associated with the risk of disappointing parents and losing their love, as a result, indecision becomes a constant companion of the little man and then goes with him into adulthood.

    It happens that doubts in their own abilities come much later. In this case, the starting point can serve as a black stripe in life, a series of failures. From her, in principle, no one is immune, but how to get rid of uncertainty, when one problem replaces another? In such a situation, anyone will begin to doubt his strength and gradually lose the firmness of intentions and determination in actions.

    Uncertainty - we get rid of it step by step

    To understand how to overcome self-doubt, certainly, a psychologist's consultation is required, because each individual case requires an individual approach.But experts have a number of recommendations that will help anyone to gain faith in themselves.

    • Program yourself for success. To do this, you need to focus not on your failures, but on the positive aspects of life, when everything turned out exactly as you wanted. Try to relive the emotions that have arisen on the wave of good luck. And forever forget phrases like "I will never succeed."
    • Ask for support. Even if you consider yourself a loser, there will surely be people who do not doubt you and believe that you can achieve everything. Talk to them, share your doubts. Often it is only important to hear sincere words of support in order to feel more confident.
    • Remember that everything changes sooner or later. King Solomon had a sure way to experience a series of hardships: in moments of anxiety, he looked at the ring with the engraved inscription "And this will pass." Remember this phrase to find lost peace of mind and believe in yourself again.
    • Change your social circle. If you feel that you are easily infected with the emotions of others, try to spend time with successful, positive-minded people.After all, worldly wisdom "with whom you will lead - from that you will pick up" did not arise from scratch. Learn confidence, adopt it, copy gestures and phrases, then your actions will gradually become decisive.
    • Do not forget to praise yourself. Contrary to sensations, you are the main censor of your actions, not the people around you. Strangers often do not care about you, but the inner voice responds with a caustic tirade to the slightest mistake. So make this voice celebrate your achievements. By the way, auto-training, though as old as the world, is still an effective way to increase confidence in the shortest possible time.

    Now you know how to overcome self-doubt, and in order not to descend from the path begun, remember that there are no perfect people. Everyone has their weaknesses, fears and doubts. It is only important not to be afraid to face the difficulties, but if you look closely, you may notice that they are not so serious. After all, fear always has big eyes.

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