• How to name a cat boy?

    Congratulations, you have a new family member in your home! Now you are sitting and puzzling how to call a pet. Many owners approach this issue responsibly, as they believe that the kitten’s character will depend on the chosen name. The time has passed when all the cats were called Murzik or Vaska. We have prepared a material that will help you decide on the choice of a name for a cat, based on its color. So what do you call a cat boy?

    Black cat

    The most common nicknames for a black cat are

    • Ember,
    • Chernysh,
    • Smoke.

    Show fantasy, and Chernish, we turn into Blackie or Blake by translating the name of the English motive.

    Experimenting with the words of a foreign language, you can find such names for a cat, such as:

    • Knight (translated from English "night"),
    • To find,
    • Dark (translated from English "dark").

    By all known signs - a black cat brings misfortune. If you do not agree with this opinion, call your cat Lucky (translated from English "lucky") or Lakis.

    Black cat can be named after the eared hero of the novel M.A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" - Hippopotamus. Or in honor of the hero of the old silent cartoon film - Felix.

    Owners who are fond of horror movies, can "pull" the cat to their hobby, calling the name of your favorite character, for example:

    • Graph,
    • Dracula,
    • Vampire

    Fans of action movies can make a four-legged friend with namesake Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jackie Chan, borrowing the name in whole or in part.

    Continuing the association with the cinema, you can call the cat

    • Boomer,
    • Batman
    • King Kong.

    If you want guests to smile when they recognize the name of a black kitten, call him Obama or Snowball.

    Red-headed cat

    If you become the proud owner of a red cat, then immediately come to mind such nicknames as:

    • Ryzhik,
    • Pup,
    • Fox

    We translate nicknames into another language and get new names - Fox or Fuchs into English and German manners, respectively. New nicknames can be replayed so that they sound more affectionately, for example Foxy or Fuchsik.

    Red color is always associated with something bright, bright, mischievous. You can call your ginger cat:

    • Ray of light
    • Joy,
    • Gold (translated from English "gold"),
    • Sunny (translated from English "sunny"),
    • Happy (translated from English "happy"),
    • Hanni (translated from English "honey").

    Choosing a name for a red pet, many owners prefer to dwell on the fruit theme:

    • Mandarin Duck,
    • Orange
    • Citrus,
    • Apricot,
    • Peach.

    You can name the red miracle in honor of the famous cat from the cartoon of the same name "Garfield" or Russian - "Leopold the Cat".

    Also, very often the owners select names for their pets in honor of famous red people, for example:

    • Chubais,
    • Van Gogh,
    • Columbus

    Gray cat

    Simple color mapping is contained in such nicknames as

    • Gray,
    • Serge,
    • Seryozha.

    English analogues - Gray or Smokey. And on the Spanish motive - Grice or affectionately Grisha.

    Some owners resort to animal associations, calling their pet Mouse or Rat.

    Popular nicknames for gray cats

    • Smoke,
    • Ghost,
    • Shadow,
    • The fluff
    • Reed.

    The gray cat can be called Tom in honor of the hero of the beloved cartoon "Tom and Jerry", and the striped pet will be called the nickname Matroskin.

    The majestic name for the pet gray is - Cardinal.

    If your cat has a naughty character, then it will suit such a name as

    • Bully,
    • Spy,
    • Wolf.

    White cat

    White color is most often associated with snow and winter, therefore actual names

    • Snowball
    • Ice (in English "ice"),
    • Snow (translated from English as "snow"),
    • White (translated from English as "white"),
    • Belchish,
    • Yuki (translated from the Japanese "snow"),
    • Eskimo.

    Interesting names for white cats

    • Blond,
    • Elvio (translated from Spanish as "blond"),
    • Zucker
    • Sugar,
    • Pearl,
    • Kefir,
    • Lotus,
    • Marshmallow
    • Flake (translated from English "snowflake"),
    • Winter (translated from English as "winter"),
    • Simon (in honor of the hero of the same cartoon).

    Also, the white color is associated with purity, so the following names can serve as a nickname for a cat:

    • Neat
    • Tide (translated from English "clean"),
    • Ryan (translated from German as "clean"),
    • Rainy

    Choosing a name for a cat

    When choosing a nickname, you must follow the general rules

    • If your cat has a pedigree, the name must begin with a specific letter;
    • It may happen that your pedigree cat was given the nickname already in the feline club: then you leave the official name for exhibitions, and for the house you choose the nickname for your taste;
    • In order for your pet to respond to its name, try to come up with a simple nickname consisting of ringing letters;
    • The best option is to come up with a few names and call the cat.Leave the one to which your cat responds more willingly;
    • Remember that a cute little ball will soon turn into an adult cat, so choose a name so that it sounds solid.

    In addition to the color of the animal, the nickname can be tied to the behavior or character. Next we give a list of the original nicknames:

    • Augustine,
    • Valentino,
    • Vivaldi,
    • Daniel,
    • Justin
    • Julian,
    • Diesel,
    • Dominic,
    • Duncan,
    • Yemelyan
    • Larry,
    • Leo,
    • Luigi,
    • Ninja,
    • Patrick,
    • Ralph,
    • Sullivan,
    • Tigger
    • Fudge
    • Shaitan,
    • Ashton
    • Eugene,
    • Eustace.

    And here you will find Russian nicknames

    • Agusha,
    • Adam,
    • Baron,
    • Knight,
    • Hamlet,
    • Gosh
    • Egoza,
    • Coyote
    • Cactus,
    • Carlson,
    • Witch,
    • Mars,
    • Bonehead,
    • Odysseus,
    • Orion,
    • Twix,
    • Tim,
    • Tiodor,
    • Tishka,
    • Jaguar,
    • Yarik,
    • Yasha

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