• How to nail a plastic plinth

    The most important difference is the lack of fit and washed down the joints when installing plastic plinths. Plastic plugs and corners that need to be mounted on the ends can easily handle this.baseboards. The profile itself can be mounted both to the floor and to the wall. For example, if you have a surface made of concrete or laminate, then without a punch in this case can not do. First you need to drill a hole, then insert a dowel, and then screw in the screw. If the surface is wooden, then everything is much simpler. You can nail the plinth with nails. Also you can mount with screws.
    In the next step, it is imperative to consider ways of fixing the baseboard to the desired profile. Currently there are two options. You can use the grooves, but you can - the so-called clips, clips. They have a fairly simple mechanism.
    Mounted ceiling skirting can with glue.When installing, be sure to decide whether you will use connecting corners when working or not. They greatly facilitate the work. If the joining corners in the work will not be used, it means you definitely need special tools. They will need to cut off the endsbaseboards.
    Glue should be applied on the plinth and held for about three minutes. After that, the plinth should be pressed to the prepared ceiling and wall surface. Please note - the surface of the ceiling and walls must be clean and dry. Consider that on a plinth it is not necessary to make strong pressure. Carefully lean it against the wall and ceiling. If at pressing on the plinth there will appear dents or other damages, then they are unlikely to be corrected.

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