• How to melt honey?

    Alena Anisimova
    Alena Anisimova
    April 17, 2013
    How to melt honey?

    Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of honey and its beneficial effects on the human body. However, honey is often sugared. To fix this and give the product its original appearance, honey can be melted. But how to melt honey in order to preserve all its healing properties? We will tell about it today.

    Ways to heat honey

    Method 1

    Crystallization of sucrose and glucose leads to the fact that honey, which was originally liquid, becomes solid with pronounced crystals. To return to its former state, you can melt the honey in a water bath. To do this, you will need two pans (one more, the other smaller) and a glass jar. Candied honey put in the jar. Take a large saucepan, pour water into it and put on a large fire.

    Wait until the water boils, and reduce the heat to medium. In a large pot, place the smaller one so that it is fixed on the handles. The water level in a large saucepan should not reach to the bottom of a smaller saucepan.This method is good because honey heats up gradually, without overheating, in a gentle mode.

    Place a jar of candied honey in a smaller saucepan. Then you should wait for 15-30 minutes (time depends on the amount of candied honey). Honey will gradually dissolve and become liquid. It is very important that the process takes place over low heat, since excessive temperature can destroy some of the enzymes that will affect the beneficial properties of honey.

    Method 2

    Honey can be melted in a different way. However, this method will take more time than the previous one. Put honey in a warm room. You can use the bath or sauna. Leave a jar of honey in the room for 20-25 minutes, then store in a cool place. You can also put a jar of honey in the battery or stove. In this case, you will receive the result in a few days. It may even take a week.

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