• How to meet people?

    The article will address various situations. You will learn about how to meet new people in a team, and how to make acquaintance with a person who is pleasant to you. We will begin with a few tips on how to meet people you like.

    First meeting

    It is useless to convince you not to be nervous or not to be afraid. Yes, frankly, these feelings, even if they are present, you still do not interfere. But what must be observed is some rules of acquaintance. Well, firstly, needless to say, but still recall that you must first introduce yourself. For example: “I am Vasiliy” or “My name is Vika” (see according to the situation, to introduce yourself with the full name or not). In response, you can say: “Very nice” or “Nice to meet you”, or at least just kindly nod. Secondly, it is useful to refer to an unfamiliar person to "You." It never hurts, even if you are 18 years old. Of course, if a person asks to say “you” to him, then it is quite possible to do so. Such communication brings people closer, but it’s better to ask about it a little bit after that - at least, if you follow the rules of decency.If you switch to “you” as if by chance, then a person may not notice this, however, there are also people who are very sensitive to such nuances, and in order not to spoil relations with them, it is better to ask permission to contact them on “ you". Thirdly, in order to make a pleasant impression during the first acquaintance, try to listen more. People love to be listened to. And some are not just formal silence, they want to be still heeded. Well: for the sake of a pleasant new acquaintance with a person with whom you may have long wished to come together, it is worth showing attention and even participation, sincerely interested in topics close to him. Compliance with this simple rule will allow you to show yourself as a great companion. You may not say a word about your own interests, but the person will get the impression of complete mutual understanding, which is more than favorable for the further development of relations.

    How to meet new people

    Here we will talk about how to communicate with newcomers in a team or if you are a beginner. Communication with beginners can be carried out according to the same scheme that was described in the previous chapter.Then a beginner can be introduced, so to speak, in the course of the matter: to tell him about what you or your company is doing, how the working day goes, where you have lunch and rest, in general, introduce him to the conditions of activity. Believe me, the person’s first impression of you is very important and determines his attitude towards you, at least a few days in advance. It is very easy to spoil it, but restoring one’s reputation after being considered ungracious or moody is somewhat more difficult. However, this is if the opinion of those around you cares about you, although it must be admitted that we all, to one degree or another, want to look better in the eyes of others. So show your courtesy how pleasant it is to communicate with you. And the last thing to say in this chapter: try not to put the person in an uncomfortable position. Also, if you know yourself as a famous joker, and a newbie is not particularly inclined to humor, try to avoid joking about your colleagues - the maximum that you can afford - neutral jokes about work in general.

    If you are shy

    It happens that your own character interferes with the much desired acquaintance. In this case, think up a reason, even the most banal.Ask a person something for work, next time it will be much easier to contact him, and perhaps he himself will come to you: then do not miss the chance. In any case, you should always try, even if timid, than just sit and wait, with folded arms. Guided by this simple rule, you will soon find that you no longer have anything to regret, since, at least, you do not miss opportunities for sure. And this gives confidence to every person. Now you just have to practice, and you will understand how to meet people easily and simply.

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