• How to meet a guy?

    In our time, acquaintance does not represent such a great difficulty - especially in comparison with the Soviet and earlier epochs. However, moral norms still “dominate” people. Now, for example, it is still considered by many to be strange if a girl takes the first step. So, how to get to know a guy and most importantly - how to get to know a guy first, if you really liked him, and not compromise yourself? Look for answers to these questions in our small article. Let's say right away: it doesn’t matter whether the initiator of the acquaintance is a boy or a girl, however, if you are a girl, and if you want everything to be “comme il faut” (“comilfo, as it should be” French), just below We give all the necessary tips and considerations, as a girl to meet a guy and not "spoil" her reputation.

    Getting ready to meet

    Well, let's get started. To begin, pay attention to your appearance. Here many will be on their guard - and what is wrong with my appearance? - and will take a warlike position. We are not talking about natural data, but rather about grooming and caring for our body.After all, today's reality is such that for the most part it is the girls who have to attract male attention to themselves, and not vice versa, as it was before. Now there is one simple law: the more attractive a woman (girl) looks, the more respectable a man (guy) she can count on.

    To begin, let's put our body in order. You can sign up in the gym or in the fitness club, you can pick up a set of exercises and for practicing at home - there would be a desire. In two weeks you will notice some changes in the body - the buttocks will become more elastic, and the body itself will be more toned. In a month, the results of your work on your own body will become noticeable to those around you. If you paid attention to your figure with the help of daily classes for two to three months, then the results can exceed your highest expectations. Here the main thing is not to quit and continue to engage in - without fanaticism, but regularly, at least three times a week.

    Make-up-manicure-pedicure, and more. If finances allow, you can do all this in special salons, and for make-up to buy luxury cosmetics, but you can look attractive without serious costs for these events.Now it’s not a problem to choose not very expensive, but good makeup and manicure tools and do it yourself. Do not forget about hair removal. Of course, the first date does not necessarily have to end in bed, but still it is better to be ready for any situation.

    Now a little about clothes and hairstyle. As for clothes, we recommend that you follow the latest fashion trends and dress accordingly. In general, you can say if the clothes suit you, if they are beautiful, extravagant and you feel comfortable in them - wear them with pleasure. Now a few words about the hairstyle. If you think that a good shampoo will be enough, then you are mistaken. Firstly, it is now quite difficult to find a quality one (especially among the “budget” options) and most importantly - a shampoo suitable for you, and secondly, there is not enough one shampoo for complete hair care. We also need a good balm (preferably with a shine), and it is good to make masks for hair. Before going out, put some favorite perfume on your hair. Remember that hairstyle is one of the most important details of the female toilet.

    Where can I meet a guy

    To the question of how to get acquainted with a guy, we have already answered in part, now we come to an equally important question - where. The answer is quite logical - where there are a lot of men. Ideally, it is better to even find such a job. This may be a men's clothing store, a tobacco store, expensive wines, a computer equipment store, as well as a business center or gym. Notice, we are not talking about "office romances" now, because in these places you will meet many men who jumped in here for a moment, or coming all the time, but as clients, which is a completely different matter. If your work is not connected with a large number of contacts with people, then get out to places where there are a lot of men in your free time. These can be clubs, restaurants, sports clubs and even driving courses.

    How to get to know a guy

    Let's say right away that there is no magic phrase like getting to know a guy. Many men look suspiciously at women who are trying to take the initiative when they meet. Therefore, it is best if it is a simple smile or an interested look, in the end, you can just wink at the guy you like. And it's not so important where you do it - at the club, at work or on the bus.Drop all the templates and remember - any meeting can be fateful, absolutely any. Therefore, it does not matter where and under what circumstances you will meet. While waiting for dating, it is important to remember that your posture should be open and relaxed. Thus, you demonstrate to a man willingness to communicate. Remember that men need some kind of signal so that they can take the first step towards communication. This is normal. After all, if a woman does not demonstrate willingness to communicate, who would ever think to approach her to meet.

    And finally, a few words about how to find the right guy or man. Forget about all sorts of princes and other nonsense. Remember that there is no such person who would conclude "all in one", that is, would be the keeper of all those qualities that you dream about. Look at men more realistically and also assess their strengths and weaknesses. Very often we are fascinated at first by some virtues, but we do not notice much more serious flaws, or, conversely, we cling to some trifles, but do not see the true treasures lurking in the depths. Therefore, remember that there are no perfect men, but there are very, very worthy!

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