• How to arrange your own workplace at home?

    Now many people work remotely or most of their responsibilities are performed in the office, and some at home. This is especially true of those who, for example, serve in a translation agency or freelance. In such a situation, you can not do without a home cabinet. But to allocate a separate room for this is not always possible, so the only way out is the arrangement of the working corner in one of the other rooms. It should be told how to make such a place really comfortable and practical.

    Little tricks

    Typically, the desktop is located against the wall, so it would be logical to use it. Directly to the wall, you can attach notes and reminders with buttons or tape. It is very convenient, in addition, will save a lot of free space on the table. But if you don’t want to spoil the wall with buttons, then you can go another way.You need to take a small piece of ordinary or lace fabric, starch it and hang it on the wall. All the necessary materials can be attached directly to the fabric with sewing needles.

    It will be very convenient to hang a small slate above the table, which can even be made by yourself. On it you can make notes with crayons or attach sheets with notes. Above the table will not interfere with several shelves.

    If the table has enough free space, then a racking can be assembled from typesetting modules There may be open shelves, and closed. In order to slightly dilute the situation, you can decorate each shelf with some kind of decorative element. You can even use small indoor flowers.

    It is important to remember that the workplace in the house must be clean and tidy. Therefore, you should purchase various stationery storage accessories, then pencils, pens and notebooks will not lie on the table randomly.

    If a person works in such a serious organization as a translation agency, he will definitely need a working corner of the house. To make it more functional and cozy will help the tips listed above.

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