• How to make your diary?

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    How to make your diary?

    With the advent of paper and writing appeared diaries. With their help, people got the opportunity to share thoughts about themselves and everything that happens around them. Events, incidents and just personal experiences are recorded on the pages of the diary, and at any time you can go back and once again live through some moments or just analyze the past and draw conclusions. Keeping a diary allows you to remove the emotional load, so as not to accumulate it in yourself.

    How to make a diary? What does that require? - such questions appear in many creative people. Depending on what you are going to make in your diaries, they are divided into several categories:

    • quotation diary - here you can record aphorisms, thoughts and interesting statements of famous people;
    • Diary-songbook - with it, your favorite songs will always be with you. And if you also compose songs or poems yourself, then such a notebook should always be at hand;
    • diary diary.This diary is designed to record interesting and important events that happen to you during the day;
    • diary for secrets contains the most intimate and personal thoughts and impressions;
    • everything about everything This type of diary contains quotes, songs, and personal thoughts.

    Having dealt with the types of diaries, you can go to their form, which also plays an important role. There are three main types: a diary from a notebook, a diary from a notebook and a diary-folder. Let's talk more about each of them.

    Diary from notebook

    Perhaps this is the easiest way to make a diary. To do this, you need to choose a suitable notebook (preferably, it was 60 or 96 sheets).

    • The design is important: sign a diary, draw pictures on the pages, create an original signature. Since the diaryDiary diywill serve you for a long time, put a cover on the notebook, which will not be strongly evident.
    • If you are afraid for the safety of your diary, purchase a notebook with a lock or make a hole in the notebook with a hole punch and hang your lock and keep the key in a secluded place.
    • For convenience, some craftswomen make bookmarks from various materials - it helps to quickly find the page you want.

    Diary – folder

    This type of diary is interesting because it is made independently and turns out to be unique and not similar to other diaries, even if they are made of the same materials.

    We will need:

    • thick paper for A4 cover;
    • paper for the pages of the diary - multicolored sheets of a rectangular shape (sheets can also be A4, and can be a third less) - such paper can be purchased in an office supply store;
    • threads, ribbons, ribbons for ties - about 30 centimeters long;
    • metal rivets for fasteners;
    • scraps of fabric, skin;
    • markers, pencils, pens, scissors, ruler and stapler.


    • We make a cover. Take a thick sheet of paper and cut it in half. Ties are made of threads or we cut out ribbon tapes 1 cm wide and 30 cm long from the fabric. We also cut out 4 small triangles from leather. We sew or glue the strings to the paper, and hide the attachment points under leather triangles. We tie ribbons, and our mount is ready.
    • We make pages. Making pages does not take much time. First you need to bend the colorful sheets in half.Then we put them in the cover, combining the fold line with the left fold of the cover. After that, fasten the sheets to the cover with a stapler. It should be noted that the sheets in this folder can be periodically added. And you can also sew or make an interesting case or a removable cover for your diary.


    Despite the fact that during the work we use a ready-made notebook, which can be purchased at any office supply store, such a diary will still be original and will emphasize your individuality. And for this you need to thoroughly consider each element of your diary. The cover can be decorated with drawings of flowers, animals and plants, as well as embroidered decorative elements. To work we need:

    • notebook with metal spirals;
    • cover fabric: felt, velvet, satin - to choose from;
    • pencils, glue, ribbons, scissors, needle, thread, awl, scissors.
    A diary

    The job is to modify the cover of our notebook. To do this, carefully remove the spiral. From the prepared fabric we cut out two flaps, which are 2 centimeters longer and wider than our cover in length and width. Next, glue the fabric from the wrong side of the cover, and bend the free edges to the front side. Then we cut 2 more grafts, but without allowances of two centimeters.And sticking them on the front side.

    We decorate the joints of the purl and facial flap with braid.

    From the fabric of a different color and texture, we cut out the appliqué, for example, flowers, and decorate with it the front cover of the cover. Holes for the spiral can be made with the help of awl, then return the spiral to its place.

    You should always remember a few rules:

    • Keep your personal diary in a secluded place so that no one but you can read it.
    • Make entries in the diary, necessarily putting down the date. If you do not have the opportunity to make daily entries, set aside a time when no one puts your communication with the diary.

    In the manufacture of the diary, special attention is paid to its design: both external and internal. The diary should be made in such a way that every day you would gladly take it in your hands and take notes.

    There are many ways to change the look of a diary cover. It all depends on your imagination, skill, ingenuity.

    Diary cover

    1. The easiest option to decorate a cover is to wrap it in gift paper. Currently, the choice of wrapping paper is very wide, and everyone will be able to find an option to their liking, ranging from ordinary flowers to paper in denim or exotic style.In this case, the wrapping paper can be replaced with self-adhesive paper, which will save your time.
    2. A diaryStickers, decals. If you have picked up an interesting cover and do not want to cover it with anything, but still something is missing, choose a few stickers or decals. This method is also convenient because over time, the stickers can be changed to new ones, and the cover will remain unchanged.
    3. Quilling If you own the technique of quilling, then you will not be difficult to choose a picture for the cover of your diary. Choose a suitable scheme, make its details and decorate your notebook or notebook with a wonderful picture.
    4. Application As with the quilling technique, the first step is the selection of the pattern. Then, from colored paper, or from fabric, cut out the details and assemble your drawing, and then paste it onto the diary.
    5. Handy material: buttons, beads, beads. You can sew or glue a variety of small parts on the front side, laying out flowers or even a plot picture, for example, the sun, sea and palm.
    6. Cloth cover. For this we need felt fabric of two colors, for example, gray and red; red thread, needle, scissors and pencil.To begin with, we make a pattern: take a diary, put it on a gray felt and outline the dimensions. Next, on the resulting labels cut a rectangle. Wrapping our diary, we outline places for stitches. All corners are sewn with red thread for contrast.

    Our cover is ready, but in order that it does not look simple and boring, you can decorate it. To do this, we cut a small square out of felt of the same color, which we sew on the front side of the cover in the form of a pocket. From the fabric of red color, you can cut a bookmark, the shape of which depends on your imagination. It can be in the form of a tie, an arrow or a braided pigtail.

    1. Figure paints. We cover the cover with white paper and apply original drawing on top of it. After the drawing dries, it can be varnished so that it does not fade or fade over time.
    2. Photo cover. For its production pick up an interesting and bright photo, as well as a thick sheet of paper of any color. Then take a photo and mark on a piece of paper where it should be. Cut a hole 2-4 mm smaller than a photograph. The edges of the "window" can be treated with tape.After that, paste the photo to the frame, and the frame to the cover of the diary. Thus, it turns out the original cover with a photo on the front side.
    3. Diary designDried flowers. If you want to revive your diary a little, you can decorate it with dried flowers and leaves. To do this, take the appropriate flower, laminate it. Then paste over the edges with a braid and fix it on the cover. You can also make a frame, as in the manufacture of photocover.
    4. Case - box. To do this, you can buy a suitable box or make it from thick cardboard. And then in a way known to you (options see above) decorate it. In order to easily get a notebook out of the box, glue inside the left side of the tape, which will be three times longer than the length of the bottom of the box. Putting the diary in the box, put it on the tape, the free edge of which will be located on top of the notebook. This way you can safely take it out of the box.
    5. A combination of several options: if desired, several ideas can be combined into one using different decoration techniques.

    Interior design

    Having coped with the design of the cover, you should proceed to the internal design of the diary. For this:

    • decorate the sheets with a variety of drawings made with markers, felt-tip pens, pencils, paints - show your imagination;
    • Beautiful diaryif you are not drawing well, replace the drawings with ready-made stickers or decals;
    • in order for memorable moments to be remembered for a long time, decorate the pages with your photos;
    • A beautiful calligraphic handwriting can be a decoration of the diary, and the inscriptions can be made in different colors;
    • clips from newspapers and magazines can be used as illustrations;
    • in case you want to leave an autograph after your records, create a unique signature.

    Online diary

    Do not forget about this modern form of the diary, as an online blog. On one of the sites on the Internet, register your page (you can take, for example, sites,,.

    The Internet blog is good because you can post some of your posts for everyone to see, and other bloggers will be able to leave comments and give advice, as well asDiary onlineshare with you your experiences and thoughts.Some sites also have the opportunity to keep their accounts, create a daily routine or save the necessary material. If you wish, you can make your blog invisible to other readers and no one can read or comment on it. A mobile version of your blog on your favorite site will help you always have on hand the necessary entries.

    I want to believe that our recommendations will help you figure out how to make a personal diary, because its design is the individual work of each person. Using your skills, you will receive a unique notebook for records, which will have no analogue in the world. If there are difficulties, we suggest you watch the video "How to make a diary with your own hands."

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