• How to make topiary with your own hands?

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    How to make topiary with your own hands?

    Topiary is a wonderful decoration of any interior, as well as always a relevant souvenir to friends and relatives. To make this craft can be different. We will tell you about the average complexity of the version, which will require you a little dexterity, but it will be quite simple in execution.

    Preparation for work

    Before you do your own topiary, prepare everything you need:

    • Beads, shells, colored glass pebbles and other elements with which you will decorate the tree crown;
    • Small low vase;
    • Sushi sticks;
    • Newspaper;
    • Approximately 150-180 ml of water;
    • About 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of gypsum;
    • Twine;
    • Thick thread;
    • Stone chips;
    • Masking tape.

    Making a frame

    1. Take two chopsticks for sushi. One break in half and put this half just below one of the ends of a long stick so that you get a cross.
    2. Take the thread and tie the sticks tightly between them.
    3. Now add a soul mate to this cross.Lay it so that it is perpendicular to the long stick and the already tied half. Use the thread to bind this item. As a result, you will have a very reliable crosspiece - the basis of the future topiary.
    4. Now you need to wrap a cross with sheets of newspapers so that you get a ball. Just wind the paper and gently squeeze it around the cross, creating the desired shape. Make several layers to get the ball of the desired diameter. Note that the crown is desirable to correlate with the size of the base of the tree. We will make it from a vase, and therefore it is desirable for the ball to be slightly larger than the vase in order for the topiary to look organic.
    5. Secure the sheets, at the same time giving the top a smooth, rounded surface with masking tape.

    We make a stand

    1. Pour water into a plastic cup.
    2. Add plaster and mix well.
    3. Put a piece of paint tape on top of the cup. Pierce it and insert the crosspiece of the topiary through the hole so that it is located in the center of the cup. Masking tape will support the cross until the plaster mix hardens.
    4. After the mass dries, cut off the top of the cup, leaving only the bottom with plaster.

    Now our tree has a solid stand.

    We decorate the trunk and crown

    1. Using a glue gun, wrap the barrel with string. You can apply the usual glue with a brush, but it will not be so convenient, and the result will be less accurate.
    2. Now, using the same glue gun, attach decorative elements to the crown. Start with the largest parts, organically distributing them over the surface, and then close the empty seats with small details. A good idea would be to make pretty bows or flowers from the remains of twine and also attach them to the crown - then the design will overlap with the trim of the trunk.

    When everything is ready, place the tree in a vase (it should be above the topiary stand). Both round and square containers will do. Now pour stone chips into the vase, completely closing the stand of the tree. On top you can lay out any decorative elements, echoing the trim crown. As a result, we have a topiary in the original and very stable glass "pot".

    If desired, you can mix the stone chips with any other bulk materials, decorative elements. For example, you can add wood chips, multi-colored glass pebbles, contrasting beads and sequins.You can also carefully put the ribbon, paper bows, felt flowers - you just have to carefully distribute these elements so that they look attractive in the “ground” of your tree.

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