• How to make plaster mix

    You will need
    • - construction mixer or electric drill;
    • - cement;
    • - water;
    • - lime paste;
    • - sand;
    • - clay;
    • - gypsum;
    • - finished modified dry mix.
    To prepare lime mortar for plaster walls, take 1 part of lime dough, add 3 parts of sand, dilute with water until oil thick, whip with a construction mixer and gradually, whipping, add 1 kg of dry cement. Instead of cement, you can add 1 kg of dry gypsum.
    Apply the prepared mixture immediately with a spatula. Prepare the amount of solution that you have time to apply in 30-40 minutes. Every 10 minutes, repeat the beating of the plaster mixture with a mixer.
    If you add gypsum instead of cement, beat the mixture for no more than two minutes, apply within 6-8 minutes. After the specified time, the mixture will harden and be unsuitable for plastering.
    Prepare the clay mixture from 1 part of greasy clay, to which add 3 parts of sand. Mix thoroughly.Pour in water gradually to form a thick solution, then slowly pour in 1 kg of cement. Calculate the cement based on 10 liters of the finished solution. Instead of cement, you can add 1 kg of gypsum for strength. Apply the mixture with cement for 1 hour, with plaster - 15 minutes.
    To prepare the cement-lime mortar, take 1 part of cement grade M400-500, 0.2-0.3 parts of lime paste, 3 parts of sand, add water, mix thoroughly. You can use milk of lime instead of lime dough when you dilute the solution from a mixture of sand and cement.
    Ready-made dry mixes for plaster are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and have greater strength, mobility and elasticity than self-made mixtures. The composition of the mixtures is completely ready for use, you only need to add the amount of water specified by the manufacturer and carefully beat the mixture with a construction mixer or electric drill.

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