• How to make origami shuriken?

    Anastasia Shostak
    Anastasia Shostak
    February 28, 2013
    How to make origami shuriken?

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    How to make origami shuriken?

    The martial art of the Japanese ninja warriors from the earliest times delights people and figures in various works - both in cinematography and in painting, theatrical performances, or even in children's scenes. The image of the ninja is closely related to the elegant and unusual weapons, one of which is a small throwing knife - shuriken. This shuriken is unlikely to be seen in reality, but you can make it out of paper, that is, origami shuriken. The execution scheme of this craft is here:

    How to make origami shuriken

    Instructions. How to make origami shuriken

    • Put a square sheet of paper, and bend it horizontally. Next, expand the sheet and bend the lower and upper edges to the central bend. The resulting figure a second time bend in half along the middle bend of the fold, so that a long narrow rectangle is in your hands.
    • Bend the upper left corner downward, aligning it with the bottom strip of the rectangle, and lower right corner just bend upwards, while aligning it with the upper edge of the rectangle.Fold obliquely both edges of your workpiece - bend the left edge upward diagonally, and the right edge downward diagonally.
    • The result should be a figure, like two triangles, which are placed vertically and offset relative to each other, and have a common line at the base. You made the first module for origami shuriken.
    • Repeat all the steps above to add exactly the same second module, but in the second part bend the corners opposite the corners of the first part - the triangles of the second part should be mirrored to the triangles of the first part.
    • Turn the second module over and place the first one on top. Slip the corners of the lower module into the pockets of the upper module and turn the figure over. On the reverse side, also slip the corners into the pockets. So you successfully completed the origami shuriken. Video instructions for creating such origami, you can also find on the Internet.

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