• How to make mustard?

    Mustard gives dishes a unique taste, so she is a frequent guest on the tables of many families. Here are just a purchased product often brings disappointment, as in its preparation uses a lot of synthetic additives. That is why it is better to make mustard at home. Consider some interesting recipes.

    How to make mustard powder?

    You can try to make mustard from powder. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple, and it takes very little time. This will require the following ingredients:

    • 50 g of mustard powder;
    • 20 ml of vegetable oil;
    • 10 g of sugar;
    • 20 ml of boiling water;
    • 100 ml of hot water;
    • 10 ml of vinegar 9%;
    • some salt.

    Sift the mustard powder through a sieve into a deep cup and brew it with boiling water. Stir thoroughly to form a thick mass. In the brewed mustard pour in hot water. Leave the mass, without interfering, for 12 hours. Such a measure would remove the inherent bitterness from the mustard. After this time, drain the water and stir well the mass. Then add the mustard vegetable oil, sugar, a pinch of salt and mix.Add vinegar. Mix the mass again and transfer it to the jar. Mustard must be aged for 1 day, after which boldly proceed to tasting.

    Dijon Mustard Recipe

    To bring variety to the diet, you should make homemade mustard according to the Dijon recipe. A distinctive feature of this seasoning is its sharpness. For its preparation will require the following products:

    • 1 onion;
    • 2 cloves of garlic;
    • 20 g of tomato paste;
    • 20 ml of wine;
    • 10 ml of honey;
    • 50 g of mustard powder;
    • salt - to taste.

    Crush the onions and garlic, put them in a saucepan and add the wine and honey. Mix well. Put the pot on the fire and boil the mass for 5 minutes. Cool the mixture to room temperature and strain through a sieve. Then add the mustard powder and beat well. Add tomato paste and salt to the mass. Put the mixture on the stove and cook, stirring occasionally. As a result, the mass of the consistency should resemble thick sour cream. Cool the mustard and let it brew for at least 48 hours. After that, it can be put in a glass dish.

    Dijon mustard goes well with meat, tongue, bacon, poultry.Such seasoning will surely be appreciated by lovers of the sharp little. Moreover, this mustard is also very fragrant.

    Mustard on brine

    You can make mustard on brine. It turns out to be extremely fragrant, and its sweetish taste gives the dishes a special piquancy. For its preparation will need the following components:

    • 250 g of mustard powder;
    • 250 ml of cabbage pickle;
    • 5 ml of vinegar;
    • 10 g of sugar;
    • 10 ml of vegetable oil;
    • 3 nutmeg;
    • salt, pepper - to taste.

    Mix in deep containers mustard powder, pickle, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil, add pepper and other spices as desired. Mix everything very thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Let the seasoning stand under a lid for 12 hours in a warm place. Add chopped nutmeg, which will give the mustard an unusual flavor, you can also put horseradish and mustard honey in it, then it will become soft and a little sweet.

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