• How to make fashionable shorts?

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    How to make fashionable shorts?

    Summer wardrobe will not be complete without fashionable, stylish shorts, which emphasize long, slender legs. They are comfortable and not hot. Shorts are combined with many items of clothing and shoes. The stores have a wide variety of models, but it is not always possible to choose the one that is suitable in color, length, and finish. In this case, do not be upset, because it is not difficult to make fashionable jeans shorts on your own. It will take a little time, a little patience and boundless imagination.

    How to trim jeans?

    For the implementation of the plan fit any jeans. Well, if they are old, worn and have long been hanging around the closet. To get a second life, you need to carefully trim them to the desired length. In this case, it is important not to hurry, it is better to measure the thing first and mark the desired length with chalk or a piece of soap. In no case can not trim the two legs at once, because, most likely, it will turn out unevenly. Shortening one leg and making sure that the length is suitable, you can proceed to the other.Trendy jeans

    Today, fringe and lace are in fashion again, so the edges of new shorts can be decorated with laces or dissolved by removing threads with a needle or tweezers. If you want to hem the edges, you should leave a stock of fabric so that the thing does not turn out to be too short.

    Painting and bleaching

    When the main part of the stylish piece of clothing will be ready, you can continue to experiment further, because the shorts this season should be bright, worn or combine several colors. You can create clarified areas for thisTrendy jeansYou will need bleach, three parts of which must be diluted with one part of water. Plot denim shorts, intended for bleaching, immersed in the solution. If the fabric is dark, then it must be kept in solution longer, until the desired shade is obtained. After the procedure, rinse the product in acetic solution and wash.

    For painting in bright colors, you need to buy a special dye for fabric and, following the instructions on the package, paint the shorts completely or partially. For deep penetration of paint, it is useful to soak the product in water with soda ash for half an hour before proceeding, and then proceed to the painting.

    How to decorate?

    After your shorts are painted in the desired color, you can begin to decorate your creation. Rivets, sequins, spikes, beads, lace, chains - all this will allow you to turn a new piece of clothing into a unique thing. It is interesting to look at the holes that are very easy to make by cutting two parallel lines and pulling cross threads on the resulting section of fabric. If you have embroidery skills, you can decorate the finished denim shorts with an original pattern.

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