• Today, dear reader, we will talk about the subtleties of the work of a wonderful program developed in the Adobe company. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best graphic editors on the multimedia software market today. Our task is to figure out how to create animation using Photoshop features. So:

    How to make animation in Photoshop?

    Immediately I want to clarify that this article is not about full-scale animation, which we see, for example, on our television screens during the hours of showing animated films. We will talk about files with the extension .gif.

    In order to work with animation in Photoshop, you need to turn to the Windows Animation menu or the Animation Window. The first thing you need to choose the object that will be in motion. Let's call it the main one. All other objects will stand or move relative to the main one. For example, if you want to depict a person under the pouring rain, the rain that will drip is the main object of the animation, and the motionless figure of the person is secondary.Based on this rule, in the Animation Window it is necessary to include in the chain only those layers that will interact with the main object. And those layers that should be fixed should be turned off from the animation chain.

    Further, speaking about how to make animation in Photoshop, we will keep in mind our example with rain. So, to create the first frame, we need to push the rain layer to the foreground using the Transform operation (Edit - Transform). After that you need to make a copy of the frame. This copy needs to be moved down relative to the whole picture. That turned out to be frame number two. Now you need to create a series of frames and in the opened window set the value to 2. Now the animation is ready. After completing these steps, you can proceed to checkout the final animation.

    The whole difficulty of creating gif-files in Photoshop is to correctly set the sequence of frames, the number of repetitions, and the number of repetitions of a series of frames. Many novice gif-animators face this kind of problem. Their animation looks implausible. Someone manages to make the animation too fast, someone else stretches the time.All this affects the realism of the work as a whole. As the main advice to those who want to learn the basics of gif-animation, we can say that only practice will allow you to create such works that you would like to see. Quantity goes into quality.

    It is worth noting that the creation of rain animation is a more complex action, rather than combining several photos into one. Let's understand how to make animation in Photoshop, having four consecutive photos in hand. First of all, you need to make these several frames. To achieve the most realistic effect, you need a very expensive camera that can shoot a huge number of frames per second. However, to create a comic home picture, you can use your camera in the dynamic shooting mode. For example, even 4 consecutive photos will be enough to create a small gif-film. Photos are ready. Feel free to insert them into the workspace of Photoshop. Now you need to select the order of the layers, that is, the order of their display. In order not to get confused, it is recommended to name layers by different names. Arrange in order all the photos.Now select the menu item Animation, and in it the command Make frames from Layers. Your layers turn into frames. Also, it is important to choose a frame delay. For more realistic playback, you need to set a delay of about 0.1 seconds. It all depends on what goal you are pursuing. In order to see the result of your work, you must click on the space or on the play button in the animation window.

    Any skill involves a different level of its development. Develop yourself and your animation will be more difficult and interesting.

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