• How to make an extension to the house

    In any case, first you need to decide on the purpose of the extension to determine the necessary cash investments. There are many options - from the porch to the winter garden. It all depends on the possibilities and imagination. Externally, the extension is better to make out in the same style with the building. Let us examine several ideas for the purpose and interior design of the extension.
    It doesn�t matter if you have a cottage or residential house, you also need a porch - a dressing room. This is a small extension, especially relevant to the cottages. It is necessary in order not to carry dirty things and shoes in the house. If this extension turned out to be quite free, you can make, for example, a small closet. For the convenience of cleaning it is better to tile the floor.
    You can build a terrace. How nice with family or friends to gather on the terrace. In any weather it will be cozy and comfortable. It can be open (summer) and closed insulated. The summer terrace on the outside can be decorated by planting wild grapes. Terrace should not be cluttered with furniture.It is enough to put a table and a sideboard. It should be a lot of light and air. The terrace can be combined with a summer kitchen - to make a hearth, having issued it with a decorative stone and a small wood burning bowl. Especially by the way, the hearth will be in rainy weather, to create a friendly atmosphere and comfort.
    If you want something unusual and cash allow it, create a winter garden. But for this the construction of the extension must be well thought out. Be sure to consider good ventilation, lighting, heating and irrigation system. It is best for the winter garden glass walls, but you need to install blinds or tulle from the strong sun. In order to select suitable plants, you must consult with a specialist. It is better to tile the floor. A small round glass, metal or plastic table with a pair of chairs will fit the furniture.
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    No matter how you decide to make an extension, the main thing is that you and your guests will be cozy and comfortable.
    Helpful advice
    We gave just a few examples. By connecting the imagination, you can come up with many interesting ideas that are right for you.

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