• How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft?

    Arseny Stein
    Arseny Stein
    December 14, 2012
    How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft?

    In the game world of Minecraft, as in many others, there are also magical elements and powers. One of these elements is the enchantment table, which is a magic book on a large black stone covered with diamonds, the pages of which are turned by themselves. Minecraft: how to make an enchanted table? This table has a large number of diverse spells used to enchant various kinds of tools, weapons and armor.

    How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft: instructions

    In order to make the spell table will require three elements.

    • Four units Obsidian. It is better to extract it with a diamond pick, and you can do it yourself, since obsidian is an element that in the game world is obtained by the interaction of two types of fluid objects - lava and water. You can carry lava or water in your inventory with a pre-made bucket.
    • Diamond in the amount of two units.You can find it only at great depths, in caves or in your own mines. The diamond is mined with an iron pick, as with a pick of a poorer quality, the diamond block will simply fall apart, leaving the player with nothing.
    • Book in the amount of one unit. Books can be found in the fortresses in the chests, but it is easier to do it yourself. This requires three sheets of paper created from sugar cane and one unit of skin.

    When all the ingredients for the table are collected, you need to correctly place them in the workbench menu. In the first horizontal row, the middle slot is occupied by the book. In the second row, the elements go one by one in order of diamond, obsidian, diamond. And the third row is filled completely with three units of obsidian.

    Each spell spends a certain amount of experience points. The stronger the spell, the more experience points are spent. You can gain experience by destroying enemy mobs.

    Types of spells are different for each tool. For example, for a pickaxe, you can cast a spell of strength, for a bow a spell of endless arrows or strength, for a sword - a spell of power, repulsion or poisoning. You can also enchant armor, which will allow you to be stronger and more resistant against attacks.After enchantment, objects begin to glow, shimmer, and a radiance is formed around them.

    Tip: if you put an enchanted table next to a bookcase, the spell power will increase.

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