• How to make an easter egg?

    The brightest and solemn spring church holiday, Easter, is also an occasion for all of us to come together with the whole family, make up eggs, bake Easter cakes and feel the harmony of life glorifying and congratulating each other on Christ’s Resurrection. It was on the threshold of Easter that many women, children, and sometimes men, are interested in how to make an Easter egg unique, colorful, and sometimes the strongest, in order to win the egg strength competition. In this article we will discuss how to decorate an Easter egg with beads, how to prepare a shell and remove the contents, how to attach beads to the shell and how to get unique and unusual patterns.

    How to make an Easter egg from beads?

    • You can create a bright, colorful egg for Easter using the technique of weaving the shell with beads. This will require:
      • candle;
      • egg;
      • paraffin warmer;
      • PVA glue and moment-glue glue;
      • knife clip;
      • threads, beads of various colors, needle;
    • First, free the eggshells from the contents by piercing a small hole in the bottom and making a larger hole at the top and blowing out the block and the yolk.
    • Cover a small hole in the shell with a small piece of newsprint.
    • Cut the candle into pieces, put it in a ladle (such working utensils can be made independently from a tin can), and melt the contents on the stove.
    • Pour paraffin into the large hole, taking into account the fact that when it hardens, this liquid will somewhat decrease in size (so top up to the top).
    • Take a knife and scrape off excess paraffin, especially from the walls of the shell, otherwise the glue will not fall.
    • Glue the shells around the filled hole to glue it with a piece of paper.
    • Prepare a needle with a thread with a knot at the end.
    • Use the pliers to bite through the top curved portion of the paper clip.
    • On the shell, draw a pair of vertical lines and mark their intersection with a pencil.
    • Putting the tip of the thread with the knot on this intersection, fix it with a pin from a paper clip, “planting” it tightly in the egg.
    • Make a selection of beads by color. It is preferable to use 3-4 shades of beads of the same color range and strung for the brightness of glass beads.
    • To make it easier to collect beads, place it on a flat white plate.
    • Using a thread length of 10-15 cm, dial beads on it.
    • Apply glue to the top of the egg and from the center, in a spiral lay the thread with beads. Change the color of the beads to your own taste.
    • Remove the tip of the thread from the needle and, fixing it with glue, cut it off. Lay the next thread close. To create a symmetrical ornament, dial the colors from the middle of the egg in the reverse order.
    • Continuing the work in the same way, you get a wonderful souvenir egg. It can also be made completely variegated, or in a similar way put an ornamental strip in the center. Here, how your imagination pleases you, and you can read about how else you can decorate an Easter egg with beads.

    In addition, you can make an Easter egg from paper using modular origami. Instructions for creating such a masterpiece are presented.

    Experiment and create unique creations that will create a wonderful, sublime atmosphere filled with spirituality and grandeur for the Easter celebration.

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