• How to make a two-level ceiling?

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    How to make a two-level ceiling?

    In this article we will talk about how to make a two-tier ceiling. For many years now, it has been the most sought-after and optimal ceiling design solution. There are several options for such ceilings. These include tension and suspension. In this article we will look at how to make both options.

    How to make a two-level suspended ceiling

    This version of the ceiling is made using drywall sheets. It can be made multi-level and decorated exclusively at the request of the owner of the apartment. Consumables required in order to make a two-level ceiling of plasterboard:

    • sheets of drywall;
    • special profile - ceiling and guide;
    • fasteners (suspension, screws, "crab", dowels);
    • perforator;
    • screwdriver with a special nozzle, allowing to do installation on drywall;
    • level (ideally - laser), corner, tape measure;
    • hacksaw for drywall;
    • metal shears (jigsaw);
    • construction pencil or washable marker for marking.

    The optimum drywall thickness is 9.5 mm. For rooms where there may be an increased level of humidity (kitchen, toilet, bath), moisture-resistant plasterboard will be preferable. The length of the leaves should correspond to the size of the premises.

    Preparing for ceiling installation

    The preparatory stage of the ceiling installation consists in marking:

    • It is necessary to determine the lowest point of the level.
    • Determine the height of the ceiling. It will depend on whether spotlights are installed. In case of their installation, the distance between the gypsum boards and the ceiling plane should be 2-5 cm greater than the height of the entire lamp. If the built-in lighting will not be installed, the above distance may be equal to 5-10 mm. In addition, to determine the height of the ceiling, you must consider the presence of sound insulators or heaters.
    • Fix measured vertical dimensions.
    • Draw horizontal lines. To do this, use the profile. The first line is held at the lowest point, the second determines the position of the upper edge of the profile and is held at a certain distance from the first line.

    Metal frame

    For mounting the ceiling in small rooms, a simple frame will suffice. It consists of: a contour that is placed around the perimeter; connecting elements that should be arranged perpendicular to the long side of the contour.

    If the area of ​​the room is large, you need to add other elements. Separate strips will be attached with hangers. Parts of the profile converging at right angles are fixed with a "crab." "Crab" is a cross connector.

    • It is necessary to start the assembly of the frame with the mounting of the guide level.
    • On the markup to impose a profile.
    • Drill the holes in the wall at regular intervals along the profile.
    • Dowels are fixed in the holes.
    • Secure the structure with wood screws, driving them into the dowels.
    • Secure rack profiles at equal distances from each other, usually this step is 60cm.
    • Perform additional fixation of rack profiles using horizontal hangers. Step is 40 cm.

    Drywall installation

    It is necessary to carry out the installation with the help of a screwdriver, to which a special limiting attachment is attached. The caps of the screws and the joints between the slabs are plastered.If a multi-level ceiling is mounted, this work is done after the installation of the entire structure.

    • On the fixed plasterboard panels, make the marking of the dividing line between the levels, and on the wall the lines for fixing the guides.
    • Height difference is usually 6-12cm.
    • Metal structures for the second level are attached to the profile of the first level and to the walls.
    • As a rule, the first level is a plane and the highest, the second level has a smaller height and is usually made in the form of a broken or curved contour.
    • For a curvilinear contour, cut a rack profile along the edges with a step of 3-5 cm (depending on the radius of curvature).
    • Going design for a curved ceiling.
    • She is going as well as for the usual suspended ceiling.
    • On a highly curved profile, laying of sheets of drywall should be done with pre-moistening of the sheet; a needle roller is used for fixation.


    After installation, but before laying the plasterboard slabs, wiring is performed. With the help of a conventional construction knife, and better a crown, holes are cut for spotlights.If it is planned to install a suspended or ceiling luminaire on a two-level ceiling, it is necessary to provide with additional elements of the frame its location.

    Two-level stretch ceiling

    Consider how to make a two-level stretch ceiling, which will cost more. It is significantly superior to the previous version in originality and beauty. In addition, suspended ceilings can serve as an ideal protection against flooding by neighbors.

    • Need to make a step. We cut one shelf and the base of the guide profile with an electric jigsaw in 10-30 cm (depending on the curvature), so that it can be bent.
    • Cut rack profile on the length of the height of the steps, about 18-19 cm. Then you need to insert them into the guide profile 10-30 cm apart. Cut the same lower profile guide insert the bottom. All this needs to be sewn with metal screws.
    • Make props of rack profiles in 20-50cm (depending on curvature).
    • On a step to sew plywood, the four in two layers.
    • To do the bottom level. Along the perimeter of the room (three walls), install a metal baguette and along the edge of the step too, the baguette must be sawed through every 4 cm. Thus, a bump stop is made. Set the turned upside down plastic baguette.It should be installed at a height slightly above the middle of the step.
    • Stretch the bottom layer of the ceiling. To do this, first wind it along the three walls, then pull it into the plastic baguette through the bump stop.
    • Similarly, make the second level.

    Those who want to read the visual instruction can watch the video on the Internet, how to make a two-level ceiling.

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