• How to make a scarecrow with your own hands?

    How to make a scarecrow with your own hands?Scarecrow is not only a subject for scaring birds. It can be a nice and not dull decor for your garden. Today we will tell you how to make a scarecrow with your own hands.


    Previously, the main task of the scarecrow was to scare away feather harvest hunters. But now we are increasingly using it to decorate the front garden. If a lot of unnecessary things have accumulated at your dacha, then you should definitely make yourself a straw man. This activity will bring a sea of ​​positive, especially if you connect children to it.


    Garden scarecrow with his own hands


    In order for a scarecrow to fulfill its direct function — to scare away birds, it must be as close to a human as possible. The size of the effigy is also important - the bigger it is, the more frightening it looks for birds. So, we offer you several options for garden scarecrows.

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