• How to earn a student?

    Carefree student years are a celebration of life! There are funny parties and a hike to a disco or to a club, maybe a trip with fellow students to rest. But how to get money for all these entertainment activities? If a nonresident student needs to buy food, pay for a hostel or a rented apartment. Well, if parents help, and if not? How to earn a student, so as not to feel the need for money and at the same time, so that work does not interfere with studies?

    How to make money a student?

    A full-time student can work only a couple of hours a day. After all, you need to get enough sleep and learn! Often, the problem of students is their laziness and unwillingness to work for low wages. At first, you should not neglect the low-paid work or practice that teachers offer you. Use every opportunity to practice your future profession, even if you do not get a penny for it. What is important is the experience and connections that you get. Perhaps, having seen your efforts, company managers will keep you or recommend you to other companies.Therefore, the main thing to take the first step is to start working!

    Do not forget the same work in the summer. During vacations, many places remain vacant and temporary workers are required. You can also go abroad on the exchange - learn a language, as well as earn some money. Fruit and vegetable gathering abroad is also a common summer job for students (for example, picking strawberries in Finland).

    Possible options for full-time students:

    • Bebisitter: If you love children, then this is the job for you. But it is not so simple! Do not forget that children need an eye and an eye, otherwise you risk to get into big trouble from angry parents. You can also walk master dogs, do some small household chores. Such work is paid pretty well!
    • Shop assistant: you can get a job in the cellular salon, home appliances store, car dealership, etc. Young and active people are willing to take on such work.
    • Sales Manager. This job is akin to a sales assistant job. You must be able to "vtyuhivat" customer products in large quantities. Salary - usually a percentage of the transaction, but sometimes salary.
    • Secretary-referent, work at the reception. This kind of income can bring good money, but it hurts learning, because employment is usually not less than half a day.
    • Test-gerl. On the streets, in stores, shopping centers often hold presentations of any product: alcohol, cigarettes, food. You just need to offer people a particular product. Communicability is required, attractive appearance.
    • The waiter, the bartender. This work usually takes a lot of time and damages learning. Night shifts are especially harmful, after which the student sleeps all day, instead of going on pairs.
    • Courier, delivery service - deliver goods and documents to the address.
    • Interviewer, signature collector.
    • Tutor - teach other people what you can do yourself!
    • Copywriter - write articles on the Internet.

    Here are some ways to make money for a student. As you can see, the choice is quite large! You can find a vacancy in the newspaper free ads, posting your resume on sites or go personally to the organization that interests you.

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