• How to make a stove-stove

    You will need
    • Old milk can, steel wire, half inch steel pipes, hammer, chisel, file
    Very practicalbake- The burzhuyka can turn out from an unsuitable jar for milk. Suchbakewill be almost indispensable where there are no other sources of heating. It will come in handy at an unfinished cottage, in a self-made bathhouse, in an economic block. To make a stove, you need an old forty-liter milk can, to which, however, you will have to put your hands.
    In the bottom of the flask cut a hole for a bent nozzle. A chimney will subsequently be mounted on the nozzle. Just below the neck, use a chisel to cut a small crevice hole.
    The nozzle of a suitable size can be purchased at the store, but you can make it yourself. To make a serpentine grate, take a steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm, squeeze it from the sides. Now the wire needs to be bent and stick through the neck of the stove inside and stretch torequired sizes. Place the installation of the grate experimentally.
    Equipstovetwo rings support. They are bent according to the diameter of the can. Rings will be the basis for a homemade stove.

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