• How to make a stick in minecraft?

    Andrey Kresrerev
    Andrey Kresrerev
    February 19, 2013
    How to make a stick in minecraft?

    Before you make a stick in Minecraft, you need to stock up on two ordinary boards. Since the stick is an ingredient for creating many tools and tools, without it you will not be able to make your way to Minecraft. Skraftiv two boards and making 4 sticks, the player gets new features.

    Use of stick in Minecraft

    First of all, after making a stick, you can use it as a pen for many tools, and also as a handle for a torch. Sticks can be used as one of the components for stairs and fences. With the help of a stick you can craft arrows and signs. The stick can be used to burn a stove, but it is less efficient when burning than a board, so many players still use boards for burning fire. Most often, a stick is used at the final stage of burning the fire, if for some operation there was not enough burning of the board or boards, and adding a whole board would be superfluous. With the help of sticks you can do short work - cook raw pork.

    What can be made of stick

    After making a stick in Minecraft you could, you can begin to manufacture all sorts of devices. Consider options for tools and items that are made of a stick.

    • For the manufacture of the fence you need 6 sticks.
    • For the manufacture of the gate, you need to take 4 sticks and two boards.
    • For the manufacture of the three elements of the stairs, you will need 8 sticks, which in turn are made of 4 boards.
    • To catch a fish, a player must make a fishing pole. To do this, take three sticks and two pieces of thread.
    • From three sticks and three threads, you will manage to make a bow.
    • Taking one piece of coal and one stick, you can make as many as 4 torches - they will be useful for you to search for minerals and jewelry (gold, diamonds).
    • After you learn how to make sticks in Minecraft, you can safely proceed to the manufacture of rails, for which you will need 6 iron ingots and one stick.
    • Stick and red dust are components for making a red torch.
    • Taking a red stone or dust, a stick and 6 gold bars, the player will make electric rails.
    • From 8 sticks and wool the picture will turn out.
    • The frame can be made if you have a piece of leather and 7 sticks.
    • For the manufacture of three plates, you must have one stick and six boards.
    • From a cobblestone and stick the lever turns out.
    • You can make an arrow out of feather, stick and flint.

    As you can see, the stick is a very necessary element, thanks to which you can catch a fish, kill an animal, and do a lot of other useful things.

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