• How to make a soldering iron?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    November 4, 2014
    How to make a soldering iron?

    A soldering iron is an indispensable tool that no man can do without. But there are situations when it simply does not appear at the necessary moment. You can buy a soldering iron at any tool shop, ask a neighbor or a friend, or you can try to build it yourself from the tools that were at hand.

    So, how to make a soldering iron with your own hands?

    Soldering iron

    Soldering irons are of different purpose. They differ in model types and functionality.

    For example, one type of soldering iron is designed for a car radiator, the other will be used for soldering wires to extend them.

    To create a soldering iron, you will need:

    • body (ampulka) from a ballpoint pen;
    • MLT resistor - 0.55 to 10 ohms;
    • copper wire with a diameter of 10 mm;
    • several wires;
    • steel wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm;
    • double-sided textolite;
    • a knife or scissors;
    • power supply unit BP 1A, 0-15 V;
    • a couple of pieces of mica (also suitable ceramics).

    We present you step by step instructions on how to make a soldering iron:

    1. We make a heating element. To do this, take a resistor and peel off the paint with a knife or scissors. To do this much faster, simply heat the resistor with a power supply. Then it is necessary to drill a hole (1 mm in diameter) before cutting off the leg. After that, a larger diameter drill should be made thread. This is necessary so that at the crucial moment the sting cannot fall out.
    2. We take a wire from steel (it will serve as a current conductor, as well as a holder). Choose a wire that will keep its shape for a long time and will bend without any problems. From it make the needles, the ends of which must be rounded. Make rings of the same diameter as the resistor.
    3. Solder board from PCB. It should consist of 3 parts: the 1st one is designed for soldering current conductors, the 2nd one serves as a fastener, with which the board will be tightly held in the handle, and the third part will need to be soldered to the wires. They will lead to the power supply.
    4. Then we put it all together. Solder the ring of copper wire to the resistor head - this will provide better contact.
    5. Install the sting.We take the copper wire and insert it into the hole drilled in the resistor. Before you install the sting, you must put a couple of mica particles in the hole (ceramics will also work). This is necessary in order to avoid contact with the wall of the resistor.
    6. Now it is necessary to solder the collected wiring to the back of the PCB, then connect it to the BP 1A, 0-15V.

    Soldering iron assembled. It is almost no different from the store. The quality of the soldering iron will depend on the material you choose.

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