• How to make a real homemade condensed milk?

    As soon as it comes to this, loved by many, a delicacy, most of the eyes instantly pop up before the eyes, the traditional blue and white label on a tin can, which in the times of the USSR was packed with delicious condensed milk. This established image was so permanent that many manufacturers still use it to maintain a unique brand.

    Not everyone knows that condensed milk is not just very tasty, it is also very useful, as condensed milk, made with all the technologies, contains a large amount of the most valuable for human health trace elements and vitamins.

    In addition, it is completely absorbed by the body, unlike whole milk, and also does not cause any diseases, except caries and obesity, of course, with excessive use of the product.


    All anything, so tasty delicacy comes to taste to many, the times of shortage are long gone,for a treasured jar you no longer need to stand in lines, now everyone can buy it at any store, only by purchasing such condensed milk, you lose too much, namely your health.

    The fact is that now it is very difficult to find such a product with a good composition, most manufacturers use a minimum of milk, but they actively “feed” it with palm oil, various thickeners and preservatives, which, it is not difficult to guess, do not bring any benefit to our body , rather, vice versa. What is the result? Do you have to give up your favorite treat?

    It will turn out not worse than in shop

    Not necessarily. It is possible to prepare a delicious homemade condensed milk with your own hands, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It's no secret that homemade is always healthier, you will always know what you put in your own dish, among other things, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful taste of condensed milk prepared at home.

    The whole process will take no more than an hour of time, but the result will exactly meet all expectations. Especially for this, we have prepared some simple recipes that you can easily cook at home.

    Recipe for homemade condensed milk

    It's no secret that the most high-quality and tasty condensed milk is prepared from two simple ingredients - milk and sugar. It is important that the milk be fat (3% or even better than 5%), ideally - homemade.


    Ideally, cane sugar is suitable for these purposes, it has a richer sweet taste, as well as strong crystallization, with the result that condensed milk is thicker. If you are using regular beet sugar, then add half a cup more than the prescription. So let's get started:

    • homemade cow milk - 2 cups;
    • cane sugar - 1 glass.

    Remember that condensed milk should not be cooked in thin enameled pans, for these purposes it is necessary to use dishes with a thick bottom. Pour milk into the prepared pan, start to warm it up, wait until it warms up properly.

    Sugar is poured into a separate deep plate, fill it with half a glass of hot milk (take it from the saucepan in which it is heated), stir it so that the sugar is completely melted. Then pour the sugar back into the pan with hot milk, reduce the fire on the stove to a minimum, it is important that the mass does not start to boil, but it remains very hot.

    Under these conditions, steam should be visible, which will rise from the surface of the milk.In such conditions, not forgetting to constantly and thoroughly stir, the milk with sugar should boil for an hour, after which the condensed milk is ready. Do not be surprised, but homemade condensed milk will not turn out to be the usual light-milky color, rather, it will acquire a yellowish tint and a rather thick consistency.


    This condensed milk is often used as a basis for making cream in homemade cake. It only remains to add butter and nuts - a delicious filling for your homemade concoctions is guaranteed! Such a condensed milk is more dense and saturated, the proportions may vary slightly, depending on the quality of the ingredients. So what do we need?

    • milk (5%) - 1 l;
    • sugar - 300 g;
    • soda - 0.5 tsp;
    • vanillin.

    Again, take a pot with a thick bottom, mix all the ingredients together and begin to heat the resulting milk mixture over high heat, not forgetting to constantly stir it with a wooden spoon.

    The main thing is that the milk does not stick to the bottom, otherwise the condensed milk will change its taste. As soon as you notice that the milk has thickened slightly and has acquired a light brown hue, the fire on the stove can be reduced to a minimum and continue to boil it for another 1.5 hours.

    After the time has expired, we remove the saucepan, and in order for the contents to thicken properly, the hot saucepan can be put in a separate container with cold water, as a result, it should darken a little more.

    A ready-made delicacy for storage can be laid out in clean glass jars, covered with lids on top and in this form they can be stored for about 1 month in the refrigerator. In order not to spoil the condensed milk, it is better to climb only with a dry and clean spoon in a jar.

    A few secrets of delicious condensed milk:

    • Some housewives, in order to get a special taste of condensed milk, in the general recipe also add a half cup of powdered milk;
    • Do not forget to constantly take samples from the prepared product, so as not to miss the important point of boiling condensed milk in a real "boiled".
    • It is not necessary to add soda, but it should be noted that it helps to make the resulting prepared mass more homogeneous, without lumps.
    • The best cookware for high-quality condensed milk is a wide and low aluminum pan (bowl) in which the moisture evaporates as quickly as possible.
    • Only 2 spoons of cocoa powder are able to turn ordinary condensed milk into chocolate.
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