• How to make a rack?

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    How to make a rack?

    Shelving is one of the best ways to store both books and various small items. Also, the rack is perfect for vases, toys, frames for photos and other trifles. In this article we will look at how to make a rack with your own hands and what is needed for this. We will consider the example of the manufacture of racks of wood, as well as wood-slab materials.

    How to make a rack

    In order to make a rack of wood, you first need to carry out the development of drawings, then make the base of the structure, then install the box and the shelves and, finally, attach the front panels. Consider each of these steps separately.

    Development of drawings of the rack

    To carry out the development of the rack, you must first measure the place where the future rack will be placed. It is not recommended to make such a rack that will have a non-standard geometric shape. This is due to the fact that such projects are quite difficult to implement. If you want to have an original rack, it is better to purchase it in a store or order from a specialized company.

    Standard rack has the following dimensions:rack

    • The length of the shelves is 1500 mm.
    • Shelf width - 500 mm.
    • Shelf height - 2000 mm.
    • The intermediate distance between the shelves is 500 mm.
    • Shelf thickness - 15 mm. Pipes - 25x25x2.

    It is necessary to make a reservation that the length of the shelves, as well as their width, directly depend on the purpose and purpose of the rack. Therefore, you must decide in advance for yourself which items will be stored on the shelves. In addition, you need to consider the weight of items. If the rack will be designed for storing heavy items, it is recommended to strengthen it with a metal profile.

    Tools and materials

    For the manufacture of the rack we need the following tools and materials:

    • Wooden shelves.
    • Dowels, screws, screwdriver.
    • Level.
    • Roulette and pencil, chalk.
    • You will also need slats in order to make the crossbar.
    • Bar for support.

    Base manufacturing procedure

    1. The construction of the base of the construction begins with the measurement of the wall.rack
    2. Next, you need to put a backup. Use bars as a support.
    3. Remember that a solid base rack is a guarantee of its stability. Bars can be square or rectangular.
    4. Position the supports vertically.
    5. The side slopes that provide rigidity, you need to twist the screws.
    6. The corners should be strengthened with slats.

    Please note that in this case we are considering the assembly of the rack, which is installed directly next to the wall. This method ensures the reliability of the rack, however, eliminates the possibility of installing the rear wall.

    Installation of boxes and shelves

    Now you can sheathe the rack plates, which are attached to the uneven bars. Trim neededrackproduce bottom, sides and top. Thus, you should have a finished box. You choose the number of shelves yourself, but remember that the height of your ceiling will be the limiting factor here. It is desirable that the distance between the highest shelf and the ceiling was at least 10 centimeters.

    Do not forget that each shelf should be checked by level. Corner joints should comply with 90 degrees. Only after you have checked the shelf, can it be fixed using the corners.

    Front Panel Installation

    This stage is the final installation of the rack. It is here that it is important to consider what materials the rack was made of. If you used wood-board materials such as MDF or chipboard, then you need to stick on all the endsrackspecial edge called melamine. This can be done with an iron. The edge is applied to the polished butt and smoothed with an iron. You can also close the shelves by installing small shutter doors on them. Decorating the rack is the task of your imagination.

    Note that usually the rack is made for a long time. As a rule, production of a standard rack takes from one to three days.

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