• How to make a photo black and white?

    September 8, 2014
    How to make a photo black and white?

    Black and white photography can be viewed as a separate direction in art. If you make a photo in black and white, it acquires some kind of unique charm. Pictures become deeper, more stylish and artistic. In addition, using this effect, you can imagine that the photo was taken many years ago.

    Black and white photo via photoshop

    There are several ways to make a photo black and white. The easiest way is to use one of the graphic editors. Among them, the most popular is probably photoshop. On the Internet you can easily find its free version and install it on your computer. If the photoshop is already installed, then with its help you can easily make the photo black and white.

    To start a photo, you need to open it in Photoshop, that is, in the main menu, click "File" and "Open." By selecting the desired photo, you confirm its discovery. Then - everything is simple: you need to press the key combination "Shift + Ctrl + U". Black and white photo is ready!

    The same action can be done in another way.Having already opened a photo, in the main menu you choose “Image”. Then you go down to the “Correction” line - you will have a drop-down list in which you need to select the “Desaturate” command. There are more complex ways to make a black and white shot through Photoshop: some of them are described in the article: How to make a picture black and white.

    Black and white photo online

    If you do not have Photoshop installed, and you need it only for the sake of changing one or a couple of pictures, it will be much easier to make a black and white photo online.

    There are numerous special services, for example, that will help you. Once logged on to the specified site, you will see an interface that is very similar to regular photoshop.

    • Therefore, the first thing you start working with is to open the image. To do this, simply click "Upload image from computer" and select the desired file.
    • Next, you use the key combination "Ctrl + U". The Hue / Saturation menu appears on the screen. You need to drag the "Saturation" slider to the left until the end. The value will be "-100".
    • After that, we confirm our actions with the “Yes” button.
    • In the main “File” menu, click “Save”.We give the picture a new name if we want to save the color version of the image. Or you can leave the old name, then the computer will replace the file. Choose where your photo will be saved and in what capacity.
    • It is very convenient that this service immediately shows how much the image will weigh, depending on the quality. Once again, click "Yes" and your black and white photo is ready!

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