• How to make a minecraft computer?

    Own personal computer in Minecraft is an addition to the game, created by advanced users and capable, like any other mod, to change the balance of power and improve the hero. ComputerCraft itself adds programmable PCs and robots (Turtle). All programs are created in the Lua language. There is nothing easier than to make a computer in Minecraft. To make a mod in Minecraft on a computer, follow our step-by-step instructions.

    Step 1. Installation.

    SSP version

    • Install the Recommended build Minecraft Forge.
    • Download the version of ComputerCraft Universal 1.481 and get the archive ComputerCraft1.481.zip.
    • We place the archive in the folder "mods", which in turn is contained in the folder "minecraft". Unpack it is not necessary.
    • In the event that when trying to use a PC or "Turtle" an error message is displayed in bios.lua, most likely, something is done not read the instructions and try again.

    Version for SMP1.

    • Perform steps 1-2 of the previous instructions.
    • We place the archive in the folder «mods», which is located in the folder with the server. Unpack it is not necessary.
    • If, when trying to use a PC or "Turtle", an error message is displayed in bios.lua, most likelysomething is done not to read the instructions and try again.

    Step 2. Minecraft. A computer. Craft

    • Computer or console. The basis of this mod will be required to create "Turtles". To use them, you can put the monitor, drive, printer, or all together. As a rule, it is used when writing programs: edit.
    • Modem. It operates at a distance of about 55 blocks and is configured in ComputerCraft.conf. Therefore, there is a need to install and program repeaters if you are going to establish interconnection between computers that are not “in the yard”. In addition, it makes the GPS navigation system inconvenient. The reason is the same frequent installation of GPS servers. In the PC, you can attach using the Shift + RMB.
    • Drive. It is used to commit files to floppy disks.
    • Diskette. It is used to transfer and write files without RedNet networks.
    • Printer. The device prints on paper that is put in the top slot. Any dyes are required for this (they are put in the left slot). The finished pages are placed in the bottom slot. They can be reprinted by saving previously written text.
    • Printed book. Created by adding skin to the printed page.Navigate through the pages and between them using the left / right arrows on the keyboard.
    • Turtle It is a mobile version of the console. If you run the "prog" "dance", can dance. In the process of work, you can add only one API - this is turtle, all programs are created on Lua. The turtles from version 1.4 of the mod consume fuel. They can be refueled with any available fuel thanks to the “refuel” command (it is written in the console).
    • Monitor. It is used to derive information. Monitors can be placed close to each other. Then a larger screen will come out. This is a regular console that supports mouse control and a color image.
    • Color monitor. Same as usual, but supports a color image. Now you know how to make a minecraft computer.

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