• How to make a mannequin?

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    How to make a mannequin?

    In order to comfortably sew clothes at home, it is advisable to use a dummy, especially if you try on a product in the process of sewing on a living person. If a person has features of the figure, then a dummy for such a figure requires a non-standard one. Buying a finished dummy is expensive and often difficult. You can make a mannequin at home. Next, we will tell you how to make your own personal dummy from scrap materials yourself.

    So, for work it is required:

    • old t-shirt or turtleneck;
    • a few skeins of tape or adhesive tape, or stretch film;
    • assistant;
    • free time;
    • cardboard;
    • synthetic winterizer (or construction foam).

    How to make a mannequin yourself: instruction

    Preparatory stage

    1. If you make a mannequin in shape, the assistant will paste over you. If you find a suitable model, then you paste over the voluntary "butterfly doll" yourself. If your model is a woman, then beforeDummythe beginning of the work she needs to wear a bra that keeps her shape well.T-shirt should sit tight on the figure.
    2. We put on ourselves or assistant unnecessary T-shirt and close the neck with a plastic bag. You can use a turtleneck - then the neck in any case will be closed.
    3. We cut the tape into 10-15 cm pieces for greater convenience, and also to avoid crushing and sticking the pieces of adhesive tape.

    The process of manufacturing a dummy

    1. We begin to glue on the future mannequin from the thoracic region in the direction of the bottom up and around the circumference. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the chest is not strongly squeezed and does not turn out to be flat. It is also important not to forget about the symmetry of the right and left half.
    2. We paste the entire shape with adhesive tape, preferably in 2-3 layers and in different directions.
    3. Outline a waistline with a marker.
    4. We outline the bottom line, by which we will cut the resulting cocoon. Carefully check that the bottom cut line is flat.Dummy
    5. On the line of the spine we mark the future incision with a dotted line and carefully cut it, holding it with a hand so as not to cut the T-shirt. Now you can, without haste, carefully remove what happened.
    6. Carefully check the bottom line and cut off the excess.
    7. We glue again along the cut line on the back, preferably with an overlap of about 1 cm, and later on, when stuffing, the dummy will still stretch.
    8. Carefully cut off the neckline. If you want to hang your mannequin in the future, you can insert a coat hanger. And if the dummy will stand, then we cut a circle out of cardboard across the diameter of half the neck circumference and glue it on top.
    9. Cut circles out of cardboard and close the holes for hands.
    10. To make a mannequin for sewing, which could stand on the table, we make the basis of thick cardboard. To do this, put it on paper and circle it, and then transfer the resulting oval to a thick cardboard and cut it.
    11. We fill a mannequin with construction foam or synthetic winterizer. Glue the bottom.

    The dummy is ready, now it can be used in work.

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