• How to make a keratin hair straightening with your own hands

    Only a hundred years ago, only wealthy ladies could have beautiful and healthy hair. After all, caring for them not only requires a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of money. Today, nothing has changed drastically. Many women can not afford long hair, because they are exposed to negative factors, and to maintain a living beauty is very difficult and expensive.

    The main component of hair is keratin, which provides mechanical strength: it is about 90%. Due to the adverse effects of the environment, diseases, lack of vitamins in the body, as well as other reasons, the main structural element is reduced. This leads to fragility, loss, loss of gloss and volume.

    To obtain the correct structure of thin and split ends, it is necessary to restore the maximum amount of keratin. This is done with keratin straightening, which can be carried out even at home.

    What is keratin straightening and its types

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    Keratin straightening is a caring process, during which the hair is saturated with useful trace elements. Protein is enveloped in curls, then during heat treatment it crystallizes, creating an invisible frame, which makes the strands straight.

    Keratin hair straightening first appeared in Brazil in the early 2000s. Over the years, it has improved. Now the procedure is carried out by different methods. Depending on the technology and the substances used, it is divided into two main types:

    • Brazilian straightening.It is carried out with the help of the main component - formaldehyde. On the basis of this substance, a special solution is prepared, which is applied to the hair and heat treated with an iron. This procedure is performed within 2.5-3 hours. It has a rather therapeutic effect, straightening is already a secondary result. The duration of the Brazilian method is no more than 4 months, but this is subject to proper care.
    • Japanese straightening.It differs from the previous, first of all, the main component of the solution - cyastimine.Having a huge amount of protein affects the hair not only outside, but also penetrates deep inside. The procedure lasts about six hours, and the effect of straight hair lasts for almost a year. Throughout the time, you can make a correction, which only smoothes the length at the roots. The procedure is cheaper than the Brazilian.

    Advantages and disadvantages

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    Before you decide on the procedure, you must be fully armed with information, and know all the pros and cons of the method. The main advantages of the procedure are as follows:

    • Hair becomes more silky, docile and smooth.
    • It is much easier to comb, almost tangled under the influence of external factors - wind, frost, hats.
    • The curls become thicker and heavier, so that they are not so electrified.
    • Split ends are eliminated.
    • If staining is carried out before keratinization, the color lasts much longer.
    • It is used as an alternative to chemical rectification.
    • The effect persists for a long period of 4 to 10 months.

    Despite several advantages, there are also disadvantages:

    • Frequent allergic manifestations on the scalp and body.
    • For shampooing, you need to use expensive “sulfate-free” shampoos.
    • Rapid contamination of the hair roots, which leads to the need for frequent washing of the head (sometimes 2 times a day).
    • After straightening, it is forbidden to wash your hair for 3 days.
    • With frequent visits to baths, saunas, swimming pools, the duration of the result is reduced by several times.
    • Adverse health effects due to vapors from the chemicals used.
    • High price, if carried out in specialized salons.

    Indications and contraindications

    Keratin straightening is basically necessary for people with curly, unruly, thin hair. It facilitates easy installation, adds volume and shine.

    There are some contraindications. For example, it can not be applied to people prone to allergic reactions, as well as suffering from bronchial asthma. It is contraindicated to make keratinous alignment for women whose hair falls out. After the procedure, the curls become heavy, and since the hair follicles are weakened, the loss of hair is inevitable.

    It is forbidden to use the technique in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, lesions on the scalp, pregnant and lactating women.

    Preparation and process of keratin straightening

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    Keratin straightening is a new and complex method, but its main advantage is a long lasting result. As a rule, it is made only in salons. Since this is not a cheap pleasure, many women adapt to perform the procedure at home. To do this, you need the following components:

    • Professional deep cleansing shampoo - can be purchased at any store.
    • Serum (keratin) - there are many companies that produce ready-made mixtures. Most often they are called - "Set for keratin straightening."
    • The iron for alignment. For maximum results, it must maintain a temperature of 230 degrees.
    • Brush for applying (you can take a regular brush for painting) and a straight comb.

    It is necessary to remember the precautionary measures: stock up on a pair of gloves and two masks. Gloves are needed to those who will carry out the process, and protective masks to both. During drying, the keratin agent evaporates, and its fumes can cause allergies or even intoxication. The procedure should be carried out in a well-ventilated area!

    Step plan

    1. Carefully wash your hair with a professional shampoo.It is used such a tool, as it does not contain silicone.
    2. Blow-dry hair from bottom to top. Because of this, they will better absorb keratin.
    3. Apply the brush on the strands with a brush, retreating from the scalp by 1-1.5 cm. After, comb the keratin evenly along the entire length.
    4. We wait about an hour for the applied mixture to dry slightly.
    5. We divide the hair from the occiput to the top of the head into 5-6 parts. We start to take thin strands from below and quickly iron them many times more than ten with an iron. This is the longest and most responsible process. Parting, bang do as it should be. Then it is difficult to change something.
    6. After the procedure, you can not wash, braid, pin a hair clip or hair band for three days. After the time has elapsed, wash the keratin with the same non-sulfate shampoo.
    Video recommendations

    Purchased kits and tools

    There are many different sets for aligning hair with keratin. All of them are mainly distinguished by the manufacturer, price and concentration.

    The most popular is the Israeli drug Kokochoko. Its main advantage is the price - about 5-6 thousand rubles per 1 liter.It is divided into two types: standard and pure-version. The first option - a universal, with almond and other additives, and the second is designed for light shades of hair. It does not give yellowness, but it is less effective than the regular version. The "Kokochoko" set is often used in salons, but it is also suitable for home use.

    Often used in keratinizing the American remedy "Kerarganik." Compared with the first option, it costs more - about 10 thousand for the same amount. In the line there are 3 types: weak (without formaldehyde), medium and strong. It has one drawback - it does not give a saturated luster, but it lasts a long time and straightening is carried out at a more gentle temperature mode - 210 degrees.

    Less well-known, but effective is a set made in the USA - Brasilian Bloout. This class tool is “luxury”, the price is from 15 to 18 thousand rubles per 1 liter. The manufacturer offers two compositions: weak and strong. Its peculiarity is that it is applied to damp hair. And the price is justified by the economical expenditure - one and a half times less on the procedure than the other drugs.

    How do keratin straightening in beauty salons

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    Many people are afraid to do keratin leveling at home, so they turn to beauty salons. There is an opinion that expensive means are used in specialized places, perform the process in accordance with the instructions, therefore, the price is high. But it often happens that the master has just as much professionalism as you have. And instead of the declared exclusive drug, the most common.

    Pros of the salon procedure:

    • Available there are all necessary attributes for straightening.
    • There are sushiurans, with their help they dry keratin applied hair at a controlled temperature.
    • Iron for smoothing hair with ceramic inserts, which maintains high temperature.
    • The procedure in the cabin is faster than at home.

    The main disadvantage of specialized places - the price, which depends on the type and length of hair.

    Brazilian prices:

    • Short - 1,500 - 3,000 rubles;
    • Average - 3,500 - 5,000 rubles;
    • Long - 5 000 - 10 000 rubles.

    Prices for the Japanese method:

    • Short - 3 000 - 4 500 rub .;
    • Average - 5 000 - 7 500 rubles;
    • Long - 8 500 - 15 000 rubles.

    What is better - botox hair or keratin?

    In occasion of that is better, botoks or keratin, it is possible to argue very long. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, which are presented in the table.

    Hair recuperation It has healing properties. Penetrates deep into the hair and nourishes them from the inside. The hair looks healthy due to the covering film.
    Straightening curls Completely does not straighten. Only aligns outside. Thanks to the keratin layer, the hair becomes heavy. Under the weight they straighten.
    Shine hair Gives rich color and shine to hair. Only some products do not give saturation and brightness to hair.
    Hair coloring before and after It is forbidden. You can paint and before the procedure and after.
    Duration of the procedure 30 - 60 minutes. 3 - 6 hours
    Effect duration 1 - 4 months. 4 - 10 months
    Price of the procedure 1 500 - 5 000 thousand rubles. 1 500 - 13 000 thousand rubles.

    Opinions and reviews of cosmetologists

    Beauticians are categorically opposed to keratin hair straightening at home. The main reason they call the lack of skills and special knowledge for the implementation of the procedure. In some ways, they are right. Using a home method, you should know that the effect will last much less.

    There is still one thing, why experts are against self-straightening curls. In professional salons before the procedure should make a sample of the drug for allergies.At home, this is more difficult.

    Video Tips

    Helpful Tips

    The impact of any chemical drugs on hair has not only positive aspects, but also negative ones. Therefore, you need to know how to properly care for your hair after straightening. I will give several recommendations for care, adhering to which you can extend the effect and protect the curls from negative consequences.

    • The first three days you can not wash your hair, use varnishes, gels and foams for styling, as well as to braid, use hairpins, hoops and gum. Comb carefully and vertically.
    • The next 2-3 weeks it is forbidden to dye your hair, use a hair dryer and ironing.
    • Head wash only with non-sulfate shampoos and similar balms.
    • It is not recommended to frequent the pool, sauna and steam room. High humidity will reduce the duration of the procedure.
    • Regularly and carefully care for your hair. Use natural masks, compresses and other methods.

    Keratin straightening makes it possible not only to make the hair more attractive, but also intensively restores its structure, creating an enveloping film and protecting it from negative external influences.The main advantage of this method is the duration of the effect from four and, in some cases, up to 10 months.

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    This method is ideal for women who want to get rid of unruly, always confused hair, reduce the time of everyday styling and always have an unrivaled appearance.

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