• How to make a husband hear the words from the first time

    How to start a conversation so that your husband will pay attention to your words

    It is important for a woman to be able to get her spouse to concentrate on the topic of conversation. Often he perceives the words of his wife as background noise, absolutely not listening to their meaning. Perhaps the spouse herself is partly to blame for such a reaction, since she was used to talking about any nonsense. But in this case, you need to somehow distinguish between female "chirping" and serious topics.
    If an important conversation begins abruptly and with raised voices, the husband, of course, will listen to your words, but a constructive dialogue may not be possible. Try to warn in advance about the upcoming important conversation, it can be any introductory phrase, for example: "Are you not busy now, can we talk?" I care.

    How to conduct a conversation so that the husband understands the importance of your words

    If you and during the entire conversation will focus on the fact that asking for help and advice, it will contribute to a better concentration of attention from her husband. The interlocutor will be flattered by your trust and will try with full responsibility to delve into the topic of conversation and vigorously approach the solution of the problem.
    Learn to state your thoughts as accurately, clearly and briefly as possible. The more extensively you express yourself, the more difficult it will be for your husband to grasp the essence of your story and focus on the conversation. Do not use vague phrases or hints. If your style of speech seems clear to you, this does not mean that it is also understandable to the interlocutors. A husband can get it wrong or just ignore it.
    Try to speak calmly and without unnecessary emotions. Calm conversation is better remembered and assimilated. If you need to convince your husband of something, try to think in advance about all the arguments and facts. An objective point of view without unnecessary emotions and with a good evidence base will help you to fully capture the attention of her husband.
    Follow a clear logical chain and do not jump from topic to topic.Do not stretch the conversation and try to meet in 7-15 minutes. If the discussion lasts too long, both of you can forget what you said at the very beginning, lose the thread of reasoning. Respect your interlocutor. If the husband speaks, do not interrupt him and listen. When both interlocutors speak at the same time, neither of them hears or tries to understand the other.

    How to end the conversation so that the husband listened to you and continue

    Let your husband think about what you said. If the conversation was serious, it can take a long time. Do not rush your spouse and do not demand an answer immediately. At the end of the conversation, you can carefully ask the security question to make sure that he was listening to you. If it turns out that the interlocutor really missed something and listened, do not be outraged, but calmly re-sound the thought that he had missed.

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