• How to make a homemade tonic for the face


    Why do I need a tonic for the face

    The sequence of using care products is as follows: first, cosmetics are removed with gel, foam or milk, then the remnants of these funds are removed with tonic. After that put a mask, serum or cream. You think that tonic is not needed? What is removing from the face makeup and washing, well cleansed skin? Take a test: swipe your face with a sponge soaked in a tonic. See, the fleece is not quite clean. This is an indication that cleansing the skin without a tonic is incomplete.

    It is a mistake to attribute to tonic such actions as moisturizing the skin, smoothing wrinkles. Its functions are quite different. The main duty is to remove the remnants of makeup and sebum, which the cleansing milk or foam did not manage. Tonic actions:

    - refreshes and tones the skin;

    - relieves irritation and redness;

    - neutralizes the effects of hard water;

    - acts as an antiseptic.

    It is better to buy tonics without artificial acids, sharp fragrances and dyes.Quality tools can be found in pharmacies. Fans of natural cosmetics can easily prepare a tonic by themselves.

    Homemade Tonics Recipes

    Ready tonic - mineral water, it can be rinsed face in the morning, and in the evening to wipe the skin after removing makeup. Using herbs, flowers, fruits at home, you can make a large number of natural beneficial cleansers.

    1. “Washbasin” for normal skin: take an equal amount of chamomile, fruits and leaves of mountain ash red, mint, dried lemon zest. Half a glass of mixture pour three cups of boiling water, then put on a small fire. After half an hour, remove the brew and leave to cool for 7.5-8 hours. Strain and add 2 tablespoons of glycerin and vodka.

    2. Tonic for oily skin: 50 g of lemon and the same grapefruit juice mix and pour a spoon of vodka. Pour into a glass flask and insist for three days.

    3. Summer recipe: make mashed 100 g of strawberries, pour a glass of strong alcohol, pour into a bottle, insist on a month. Before use, dilute with boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio.

    4. Means for dry skin: two large spoons of oatmeal pour hot milk. Close and let stand.

    The result obtained with regular use of tonic will please you: the skin will become velvety, acquire a healthy even shade.

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