• How to make a handicraft with a child in the form of a garden scarecrow

    You will need
    • - bamboo sticks - 2 pcs .;
    • - hot melt glue;
    • - fabric patches;
    • - cotton wool (foam rubber or other filler);
    • - multicolored buttons;
    • - sewing thread;
    • - sewing needle;
    • - sleeve from the roll of toilet paper;
    • - cardboard;
    • - thin cord or rope;
    • - scissors;
    • - acrylic paint or gouache;
    • - PVA glue;
    • - paper, pebbles;
    • - tapes, dry leaves, etc. - for decoration.
    From two bamboo sticks using a drop of hot melt glue to assemble the base of the scarecrow. At the same time, cut the horizontal stick so that it is proportionally shorter than the vertical one.
    Choose a thin cord or rope, calculate the required length of it, fasten it at the intersection of two bamboo sticks, so that both ends of the rope hang loosely.
    This is a blank for the garden scarecrow legs.
    Take a square flap of a light-colored fabric, for example, white, beige, solid, or just a piece of thick burlap.Using a needle and thread, circle the flap around the perimeter to form a circle. Begin a little bit of both ends of the thread, at the same time stuffing cotton, foam rubber or other filler material. This is a blank for the head of the craft-scarecrow.
    Secure the head blank on top of the chopstick base. This can be done by winding the rope or cord tightly, winding the doll from the neck and up to about the third part.
    torso. Sew on eye buttons and embroider a smile.
    Make a stand for the interior scarecrow doll from the toilet roll sleeve. On one side, close the hole by cutting out the bottom of the cardboard and gluing it.
    Paint the sleeve in the desired color, using acrylic paints or gouache. Outside, decorate as desired, tamp paper and pebbles. Stones are needed in order
    to give stability to the structure.
    From the rags of fabric, sew the details of the clothes of a small scarecrow. It is necessary to sew clothes of a scarecrow directly on the craft, as it will be very difficult to put on ready-made clothes on the doll. Sew and stick hair to the head from a rope, a hat-hat.
    Already dressed scarecrow doll insert into the prepared stand.At the last stage of work decorate the scarecrow with beads, buttons, ribbons and dry leaves.

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