• How to make a disability?

    Someone will never have to face such a situation in their life, but in a number of cases, the doctor, seeing the ineffectiveness of the treatment or observing the development of an incurable disease, decides to send the patient to a medical and social examination to appropriate the disability group. At such a moment, the patient is faced with the question of how to apply for a disability, what documents to collect and what to expect from the procedure.

    Getting directions

    So, if you received a referral for examination, you need, in addition to the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, an application for the passage of the commission, a copy of the employment record, you will need to submit a description from work or school (if it�s about a child), as well as a sick list and information about all studies , analyzes and therapeutic procedures. If the question is about how to register a disability for a child, then the documents listed above will need to add a package of documents from his representative under the law (parent, guardian), who is a spokesman for the interests of the little patient.

    By and large, the procedure for assigning disability to different groups of patients is approximately the same, except that, if there are obvious reasons (no limbs), it is faster. In addition, if you need to know how to get a disability in oncology, keep in mind that the attending oncologist must prepare all the necessary documents for the patient, as well as write an additional justification for the need to transfer the patient from the status of temporarily disabled to permanently disabled.

    Passage of the commission

    After collecting all the necessary documents you need to apply for their delivery to the ITU Bureau, and then you should expect the appointment of the day of the commission. Experts will need to provide the full amount of information on the basis of which they can decide in your favor. In addition, the commission may establish, for example, the effect of working conditions on the development of the disease, as well as the fact whether the patient�s injury is related to the production process, if it is a question of how to apply for a disability group in connection with causing damage at the workplace.

    In the event that the decision is made in favor of the patient,then, after the ITU, a certificate is issued, indicating the group number, the reasons and the timing of the assignment of the patient's status group. It happens that the commission appoints a disability with the installation of a specific period of validity, after which a person will have to undergo a procedure again, it is likely that another group will be assigned to it.

    At the end of the procedure, the patient receives the rehabilitation program and the sick-list in the ITU Bureau, the latter must be closed by the attending physician, and then it is necessary to contact the social security authorities for a disability pension, and other state benefits, for example, for drugs and benefits.

    If, on the basis of an analysis of the patient�s data, the ITU commission decided to refuse to recognize the disability, then the patient has the right to appeal against the unfair, in his opinion, conclusion to the higher authorities or to sue, which will establish the correctness or incorrectness of the conclusion.

    Anyway, it is worth preparing for the fact that it will be a long, difficult and not too pleasant process, although in the end you will still be able to achieve your goal, whatever obstacles the state machine would put in your way.

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