• How to make a used car?

    Buying or selling a used car must be properly arranged. We will tell you how to do it right.

    Ways to renew the machine

    In the process of sale and purchase, you will need to re-register a used car. Re-registration of the car in all cases occurs through the MREO - interdistrict registration and examination department of the State Road Safety Inspectorate (hereinafter referred to as the MREO). You can contact both the state MREO and the private one. About the pros and cons of each described below. There are three different ways of renewal:

    • Removal from the old account and registration on the new account at a time. The seller and the buyer together contact the MREO, draw up and sign the contract of sale, submit documents about the removal of the car from the old accounting and registration for the new accounting. If the buyer and the seller live in different areas, re-registration will need to be carried out in the central citywide registration authority or in a commercial.
    • The second way is that the seller removes the car from the register, sells, and the buyer puts the car on a new account.This is the most suitable way for both parties if the buyer and seller live in different regions. However, the seller will have to issue transit numbers if, after removing the car from the old account, he does not sell it within five days - this is exactly the time allowed to use the car without numbers. If the seller understands that he does not have time to sell the car, then it will be necessary to issue transit numbers. They are valid for 20 days. They cannot be renewed, in case of need it will be necessary to pay and receive new ones.
    • The seller and the buyer enter into a contract, and the buyer then independently removes the car from the old account and puts it on a new one.

    How to make a used car: sale

    First you need to remove the car from the register. You must contact the state or commercial MREO and do the following:

    1. Draw up a contract for the sale of cars on the model. This can be done independently or ordered in a commercial MREO.
    2. Obtain the signature of the old owner in the TCP and enter the name of the new owner there.
    3. Get money from the sale.

    The seller of the car is better to check that the new owner in the MREO reissued the car to himself.If the new owner does not do this, the car will be registered as the old owner, and he will receive receipts, documents on transport tax, and so on. If such a situation exists and it is not possible to contact the new owner of the car, you can contact the MREO (you must have a passport with you). You will need to submit a written application, in which you will require de-registration due to the fact that it is unknown where the car is located. The new owner will be able to restore registration. But if the car is removed for scrap, registration will fail.

    Together with the new owner, you can contact the MREO with these documents:

    • passport of the Russian Federation;
    • PTS;
    • certificate of car registration;
    • a notarized power of attorney that allows you to remove the car from the account (if you are not the owner).

    You may have to receive transit numbers (the conditions for their design are described above).

    How to make a used car: purchase

    Suppose you are a buyer of a car that has already been deregistered. How to make a car on yourself? The car will need to register. Take with you in MREO such documents:

    • PTS;
    • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
    • contract of sale;
    • CTP policy (available near MREO);
    • registration transit signs, if any, have been issued;
    • a copy of the cargo customs declaration for foreign cars purchased at a car dealership or imported from abroad.
    • power of attorney certified by a notary if the authorized person places the car on the account.

    Placing a car on a new account is also made in MREO. It is possible to issue a car to yourself simply and quickly immediately after removing it from the old accounting. When selling a car, its old owner can rent their numbers and use them for another car of theirs. The numbers must be in good condition, and the seller must write a statement about the removal of numbers in MREO. The buyer can also keep the numbers under the same conditions. However, if the buyer is registered in another region, then the numbers will need to be changed.

    State or commercial MREO?

    Which MREO is best to contact to get a used car - state or commercial? Choose what suits you best, both have pros and cons.

    Features of the state MREO:

    • long queues;
    • it is necessary to pay only state fees;
    • many work exclusively for specific regions;
    • the cost of deregistration and registration is significantly lower compared to the commercial MREO.

    Features of the commercial MREO:

    • short queues;
    • need to pay for services;
    • work for all districts;
    • the cost of deregistration and registration is significantly higher than in the state MREO.

    To save time, you can sign up for an appointment at the website MREO. Do not make out on this site a statement about removing a car from the register and putting it on a new one - you will need to write it in the institution itself. You will also need to come exactly on the recording time, without delay.

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