• How to make a cabinet?

    Each of us sooner or later faces the problem of lack or lack of money. Here, it seems that you recently updated the furniture in the living room, and the fabric, which is covered with a sofa, looks like it is a hundred years old. What to do? Buy again?

    There are several ways out of this situation. You can buy new furniture, but this is if the funds allow. You can upgrade the old one by changing the upholstery on it. And you can do something out of the furniture with your own hands. It is not at all as difficult as it seems at first glance. But how nice to have in the house furniture or some kind of interior detail made by hand. And it's okay that your profession has nothing to do with carpentry. We can tell you how to make a stand.

    How to make a cabinet under the aquarium

    Let's start from something uncomplicated. Take, for example, a cabinet. If you breed fish at home, or keep a white exotic frog in an aquarium, then to complete the picture you lack the pedestals for your aquarium. Inside you can store food, a net or even a lot of useful things to you.

    To begin with, we need to think about everything carefully, and first of all, draw a pattern of your future bedside table on a paper paper leaf. To facilitate the task, there are programs such as Woody 2 or Basis Furniture Maker that will help you design your stand. Then, according to the templates that you drew, make cuts for the main parts of the thumbs. To do this, you can use any wood material from what is available at home. In the same way make templates for all other details.

    Having made a small allowance on a paper template, you need to cut a blank for your parts from wood material. Then, fixing the wooden template and the workpiece, process it with a router or grinding machine. We do this so that the details of our bollard around the edges are even and smooth. After we have processed the details of the stand, and attached them with glue and screws, we can assume that we have already done most of the work.

    Now we need to process the details of the bedside table with a stain. It is necessary that the parts are dry. Layout for side walls and shelves. Using a drill, make holes to attach everything.If you have no experience at all, and you have never experienced this kind of work before, and you think that you cannot do a hole, then furniture companies will always come to your aid. For a small fee the master will help you. But for this, show him your drawing, so that he knows where exactly to make a hole.

    Then we take the edge for our furniture, and paste the parts with paper and iron. A sheet of paper will protect the edges from bubbles that arise from overheating. If everything did not turn out too smoothly, do not despair. A knife will help us to cope with minor irregularities. To do this, we need to press it tightly at an acute angle to the surface of the edge and hold it. To avoid scratches on the surface of the part, you can put a paper sheet. If you have everything turned out exactly, then you can fasten the finished parts with eccentric ties or confirmers.

    How to make a TV stand

    Look around. Nowadays every home has a TV, VCR, DVD player, computer, microwave. For your convenience and comfort you can install a bedside table where you can place video tapes, disks.You can buy the cabinet we need so much, or, for example, make it with the help of your fantasy and your golden hands. But how nice it will then be to walk and see the creation of your hands in your home.

    For this we need;

    • Chipboard (laminated),
    • PVA (carpenter's glue),
    • glass,
    • screws,
    • edging
    • furniture wheels.

    First we need a laminated durable chipboard. We need the thickness to be 16 mm. Initially, you need to draw a drawing of the details of the bollard, consider the size of each part, and by these sizes buy the materials you need. If, say, you will create a cabinet with shelves, then they can be made of glass. Thickness should be no more than 4 mm. We also need furniture screws, PVA glue, wheels, and edging to create the side table.

    First you need to make a markup on a sheet of chipboard for parts. Saw them with a jigsaw or a hacksaw, but do not forget to make a 4–5 mm allowance to the cutting line as measured. Arc-shaped parts, rounded around the edge, initially cut in the shape of a rectangle, and then without haste, create an arc using a hacksaw.

    Carefully inspect the plane parts. See if the ends are perpendicular to the planes of your parts, if they are even.If you make a cabinet of non-laminated chipboard, then the surface of the part needs to be sanded. You do not have a special tool? It's not a problem. It can be replaced with a piece of wooden bar, which is glued with emery paper. Then, when the chipboard surface is prepared, you need to map the location of the holes and drill them. But note that all holes should be approximately 40 mm from the edge of the part. Pay attention to the diameter of the drill.

    It is much easier to assemble a bedside table from laminated chipboard. After all, its surface will not need to be cleaned (sandpaper). But if you had to work with an ordinary chipboard, then you need to wrap over the details of the drawer with whatman paper. To do this, take the PVA glue, and then paint the paper with black paint, in several layers. The sides of the parts can be glued over with special edging, laminated tape, which is sold in all stores with building materials and furniture fittings. Glue this tape will help you iron (through a sheet of paper). Surfaces of parts can be varnished.

    Before you begin to assemble the individual parts of the cabinet, you must clean the holes from wood dust, and then attach the parts with dowels and wood glue.You can take special screws for furniture. After installing the body cabinets (sides, bottom, top), install the backrest, fastening the rear part.

    The corners of your bollard should be 90 degrees. To the bottom of the bedside table, for easy movement, attach furniture wheels.

    Attach the fastenings to the walls on which the doors will be attached. Insert the fasteners under the shelves into the holes you made. On them, put the shelves of glass. Then comes the turn of the handles and doors. Now you know how to make a cabinet with your own hands.

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