• How to make a bunch?

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    How to make a bunch?

    The bundle is ideal for long hair and medium length hair. The creation of this hairstyle does not require much effort, skill and any expensive styling tools and appliances. And also he practically does not go out of fashion and has numerous versions, which allows lovers of this hairstyle to be always different and unique. But how to make a bun on the head, so that the hairstyle is both beautiful and stylish? For this, we have prepared several options for you.

    How to make a beam: the easy way

    In a bundle, hair is collected at the crown or nape, where it is twisted and then fixed with the help of hairpins, thus forming a knot. To give the hairstyle volume, usually use a different lining, for example, chignon or foam roller. A bundle can be free or tight, tidy or even “slick” or deliberately careless, and also high or low. It is easiest to make a simple bun: first, comb your hair, collect it from behind in a low or high horse's tail, twist it into a bundle, twist it in a knot and fasten it with hairpins so that the hair is invisible. It is possible to use instead of the hairpins and a long hairpin-pliers.For a change and decoration of the usual beam, you can leave a pair of thin strands at the bottom of the beam. Then twist them into flagella and lay them on top. The ends of the flagella roll into rings and attach to the hair stealth.

    "Karakul" beam

    Divide hair horizontally into 5 equal sections. Now, at each site, collect the hair in a tail and twist it into a flagellum so that it forms loops and patterns that resemble scribbles. Next, the resulting very stylish bundle of flagella secure with stealth and studs. This hairstyle will always look modern and very original! Well, now turn to the third option, how to make a bunch of hair - it is called an "elegant" bunch.

    Elegant beam

    Divide the hair into three parts, and make the back of your head more than the other two. Then separate the 2 front parts side parting. After that, fasten the front strands of hair clips for convenience. Now carefully comb the main part, that is, the back of the hair, lift it to the top of the head and pull it off with a rubber band, thus making the tail. Then twist the hair with a braid (only not tight) and wrap it around the base of the tail several times.Do not forget to leave a small loop, where then pass the free tip of the tail. Now firmly tighten the knot and hide there the ends of the strands. Secure the bundle with studs and sprinkle with varnish. Next, remove the clips from the two side parts and comb them. Start the left side strand over the beam, placing it above the ear, and secure it with stealth, while leaving the ends of hair loose. Now do the same with the right side. Well: our elegant bundle is ready!

    Festive bunch

    Apply styling product to wet hair so that they can be pulled out as needed during drying. After drying and straightening them with a brush and a hairdryer, collect the hair into a loose tail, and with your fingers in front of it, slightly loosen the tension of the hair. Next, we transform the tail into a free beam, securing it with stealth and hairpins, but not too tight. Then we take 2 rims. Put the first one on the head, placing it 4-5 cm from the hairline, and place the second one 5 cm from the first. Now it is necessary to sprinkle with lacquer the finished hairstyle, smoothing the strands where necessary.

    Wavy hair bundle

    Apply styling foam on wet, freshly washed hair.Now, using a round comb and hair dryer, dry and straighten hair. Take big tongs and wrap hair around them - strand by strand, but not too tight so that the rings don't work, here we just need waves. Next, collect the finished strands in the free tail and pull off the rubber band. Then for the last time, pass the hair through the elastic and leave it hanging loosely in the form of a loop. Now wrap the noose around the elastic and guide it downwards. Fix hair with hairpins. That's all - a beautiful bunch is ready! If something is left incomprehensible to you, you will be helped by a video, a bundle of hair on which the hairstyle master will do.

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