• How to make a bug?

    We all have seen exciting films about special agents, which in their work use the most amazing listening devices. It would seem that spying by mere mortals in real life is not attainable. But it is not. Now about how to make a bug, you can learn from the films themselves, and from the Internet. And the most interesting, such skill does not require great knowledge and skills in electronics. Everybody can make a bug for bugging.

    How to make a bug out of mobile

    • It is better to take an unnecessary or simply outdated phone model. Using the menu, be sure to turn off the sound, display light and lock buttons.
    • Then the vibrating alert is removed and installed in its place by soldering one transistor. It will close the lift button (a tube is shown there) when called. It will be controlled by a signal from a vibrating alert, which, in turn, occurs as if an auto-raise with further listening. Tip: in order to properly solder the transistor, you should measure where on the contacts of the button is minus, and where is the plus.
    • After that, you need to change the old factory microphone to the Chinese, from the tape recorder. In general, you should pick up a more sensitive microphone. It will not be superfluous to equip the bug with a battery charge indicator.
    • Now you can leave the "mobile phone" in the right place and call it from another phone. On the bug, the “raising the tube” will immediately work and the wiretap will begin.

    Note: charging a bug is carried out by an ordinary charger, only by connecting its plug directly to the charging socket of a mobile phone. It is better to use SMD transistors as a call button contactor. You can see in the photos how to make a bug from the phone.

    A more expensive, but the most qualitative version of wiretapping is to purchase special programs. For the process of unspoken video and audio monitoring and downloading the received data to a PC, it is necessary: ​​the mobile phone itself and the program to perform this function.

    High quality of observation and listening is achieved using mobile phones with excellent technical characteristics based on Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android (Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, etc.).

    How to improve listening device

    Having borrowed the program "GSM phone bug", it must be installed in the memory of the mobile phone. The bug will automatically intercept SMS, wiretap, recognize the location of the phone’s owner and forward the data to the server. This is the most effective and easiest way to make a bug at home, though not the cheapest.

    Note: the received information through such a bug can be transmitted in the real time mode via a 3G / Wi-Fi network to a computer. Similar features are available for the SECuRET Spy Cam spyware software.

    Watch the video how to make a bug and make sure that such a device is working

    Use a narrowly focused microphone, which you can make yourself or buy on the Internet or on the radio market. Disguise it easy - you just need to install it in the headset from the phone.

    You can make a microphone bug by the scheme specified. Such a bug will give a signal, which can be received at a distance of 300 meters to the receiver of the player.

    You can also use a voice recorder for listening. Now there are a lot of different devices, up to a miniature journalistic. The disadvantage of this method is that the number of entries is limited, and this is not always acceptable.


    How to make a bug for the wiretapping was written above, but note that in Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code stipulates criminal liability for the illegal production or sale, the acquisition with the intention of selling special equipment used in the process of secretly obtaining information.

    In addition, article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation criminalizes the unlawful collection or dissemination of various information related to the private life of a person (without his consent), which constitute his secret: family or personal.

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