• How to make a bucket in minecraft?

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    How to make a bucket in minecraft?

    The bucket has a special place in Minecraft. Players are looking for how to make a bucket in Minecraft in order to use it as a tool to create other buildings.

    A bucket is a container designed to carry a variety of liquids, including water, lava, or milk. Buckets can be found in the treasury. The probability of finding them in a treasure box is approximately 80%.

    Iron buckets are created in the crafting window. Having opened the craft, we fill its cells with three iron ingots prepared in advance. Insert the ingots in the form of the letter "V" as follows:

    • The top horizontal row remains empty.
    • In the middle row, we put the ingots in the extreme right and left cells.
    • In the bottom row, insert the ingot into the middle cell.
    • After pressing the arrow on the right, get a full-fledged tool ready for use - a bucket.

    Using buckets

    The bucket will be needed to create fields with wheat, lakes and canals, as well as to cast structures from a special material - obsidian. You can scoop a source of lava or water, or get milk from a cow.

    To scoop or pour out the liquid, you need to press the right mouse button. Do not forget that you can only scoop up the source, you need to aim at the wall or the bottom of the reservoir.

    We get milk from the cow. You need to go up and click the right mouse button.

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