• How to lower the car?

    Lyubov Polishchuk
    Lyubov Polishchuk
    April 4, 2013
    How to lower the car?

    Suspension in a vehicle plays a major role in driving. This device is the connecting link between the car body and the road surface. For some people, for some reason, a car with a small ground clearance can cause more emotions than it does with an overpriced suspension, despite the fact that most of the low suspension is used exclusively for cars with a sporty character. And in this article we will talk about how to lower the car and, as a result, increase control over the car on the road. After all, very often, simple car owners install a low suspension on their cars.

    How to understate the car

    The most affordable method can rightly be considered cutting a few turns from the installed standard spring. Those who do not intend to spend money on the purchase of understated springs can themselves cut off the coils of the springs (within 1.5-3 turns). Such cutting is carried out by a grinder or a metal saw. When the machine falls, cut the coils in half and remove.Then they do the trimming of the bump stop and fix the spring with the clamp, setting it through the drilled hole. Such an approach, undoubtedly, will reduce the clearance, but will not give the desired result and, at best, the car will not lose its previous controllability.

    The second method is to buy special short springs, which can be reinforced with a variable coil, or just below the standard, and which are made exclusively for a specific vehicle. Such springs have the necessary rigidity and height.

    Also, by giving preference to air suspension (the most expensive way to raise or lower a car) or a suspension kit with adjustable ground clearance (the rigidity of the shock absorbers is automatically adjusted), you will always be able to lift your car (in the winter) if necessary. .

    This method consists in the purchase of a special kit, which includes springs, special damper bumpers and shock absorbers with a smaller stroke. This approach can be considered optimal in deciding how to understate cars.A vehicle with this version will behave very confidently on the road. And for better results, also install a wide low-profile rubber.

    Remember that installing on your car low suspension, you will experience a number of inconveniences. The slightest pothole on the roadway will be given firmly into the back of the car, since, having lowered the suspension, you practically eliminate vertical swaying. To a large extent, the possibility of passing the vehicle during the winter time is also reduced. Deterioration of steering mechanisms will increase.

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