• How to live long?

    According to genetics, a person can live up to 120-150 years. But nowadays, few live to 90. The Japanese live the longest, an average of about 80 years, and Europeans barely reach 60. Deeply thinking about the possibility of extending life, scientists carefully studied the longevity of the planet and were soon able to develop a code of longevity. If you follow these rules, you can not only live longer, but also feel more confident and younger. Want to live long? Everything is simple, the main rules are:

    • Never be disheartened, believe in the best, hold your head high. According to statistics, optimists live longer. In each situation, try to look for something positive. Remember more about the good moments of your life, try not to keep anyone angry, smile more often, and life will become much easier. There will be less stressful situations, and, as you know, excessive nervousness reduces the years of life.
    • Create for yourself a maximum of positive emotions, Try to make sure that every situation can bring you joy. Perhaps it will be a delicious cake or a walk through the city at night, good, let it be a little and unreasonable in a small amount will only bring benefit.
    • A person eats to live, and does not live to eat, try never to overeat. The normal number of calories ranges from 1500-2500 per day. So you better support the activity at the cellular level.
    • Try to pick a menu by age. If your age is about 30, remember nuts and livers, which will be very useful, and wrinkles will be felt much later. If you are around 40, oranges, carrots and apples will be beneficial to you. Selenium, which is contained in hard cheese, relieves stress. After 50, magnesium and calcium are essential for the body.
    • Choose only natural products, minimize the use of products with chemical additives or dyes. Drink fresh juices, use natural cosmetics. An organism that is in balance with nature will function longer.
    • What kind of people live longer? Those who have excluded from their diet fatty, spicy and fried foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, do not abuse flour products and sweets.
    • You have to work for your pleasure, and your hobbies can prolong your life.Scientists have long noticed that among the long-livers there are many priests, philosophers, artists and conductors. The work that you like will be beneficial.
    • The movement is considered to be the source of life, so it is worth practicing sports at least a few minutes a day. After thirty, the production of growth hormone is reduced. Combine exercise with outdoor exercise.
    • Sleep at cooler temperatures. Metabolism is directly dependent on the temperature of your environment, so he who sleeps in a cool room stays young and vigorous longer.
    • How to live long? Smile more often, enjoy life, rejoice for your loved ones, friends or for ordinary strangers. Behind a smile is a good mood, and a good mood directly affects the good work of the body.
    • You must constantly stimulate the brain. Turn off the TV forever and start reading books, solve puzzles and crossword puzzles, play educational and intellectual games. When a person makes the brain work, he, in turn, makes the heart, circulatory system and metabolism work more efficiently.
    • Love is the real elixir of youth, love and be loved. In the body of lovers produce special substances endorphins, which can strengthen the immune system of the body.
    • Forget about smoking and alcohol, which take dozens of years of your life.

    With these simple methods and principles you can learn how to live happily ever after!

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