• How to learn to skate?

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    How to learn to skate?

    Skating on a skateboard is actually not as easy as it may seem from some outside observers. For a decent mastery of even the simplest ride without all sorts of tricks, it will take considerable patience and several days of training. Are you interested in how to learn to skate? Make it possible by following a few not particularly difficult recommendations.

    Place to learn

    For training, you will need to find a level road that has no cars and as few people as possible. The alley of any city park can be an ideal for this. Choose a flat track, which you can roll along on your own without making any special significant efforts.


    Indeed, how to learn to skate, if you can not even stand on it. Learn first the basics. Stand on the board, move your legs and move them, while balancing between the pairs of wheels. Try to feel the deck on the spot.In this case, your knees will not tremble during direct skating.

    Once you learn to stand, find out which foot you will be comfortable starting with. If you are not sure of the priority of one foot over the other, try to hit the ordinary ball first with one foot and then with the other. That leg, which is more convenient to do it, and will be your support. You can also pay attention, what foot you involuntarily make the first step when climbing up the stairs - it is surely a supporting one.

    Riding and braking

    After you have learned to stand, you need to carefully try to ride. Put your foot on the board over the front pair of wheels, and the second one lightly push off the surface. Immediately, as soon as you feel the movement, put the other foot on the board and try to drive as long as possible. In this case, be sure to carefully monitor the balance and do not strive to accelerate too quickly, at least initially.

    In order to slow down your movement, move back the supporting leg and apply great efforts for pressure. To stop the movement, remove the back leg and brake it. This method is suitable when it comes to flat surfaces.You can also brake the heel. Press it on the board to hold it (boards) back. The front part rises into the air. The pressure on the heel should be strengthened, leaving no control of the front foot. In extreme emergencies, you should jump off the board.

    Cornering training

    In order to turn, you should extend the foot and turn in the desired direction of the body. The more you press on the heel, the sharper will be the angle of rotation. To be able to turn sharply, first learn to balance on the rear wheels alone. To do this, you need to keep your back foot on the tail, while putting your front foot on the nose of the board. Try to stand as long as possible in this position while simultaneously rocking the nose in different directions. Turn around on the board and swap your legs. It should be remembered that during the movement you need to turn in turns in different directions. And, of course, initially exercise on the spot, rapidly shifting all of your own all at the moments of sharp second turns.

    For a more transparent coverage of the topic, you just need some practical example of how to learn to skate.The video, due to which many questions will be clarified, understanding of which comes only after directly seeing, you can look at the end of this topic.

    Successes all in endeavors. In any case, do not despair at failures and do not forget that many experienced and popular in certain circles skaters once also did not know how to do absolutely nothing. Actually, such a statement can be applied to absolutely any kind of activity. The point is always solely in perseverance and desire.

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