• How to learn to play in the COP?

    Any gaming enthusiast would love to play Counter-Strike perfectly. What is needed for that? How to learn to play in the COP? After all, just break into this world will not work, first you need to master the basics, and the rest will follow the experience that you have to save for a very long time.

    A few rules for a beginner

    To begin, you must master the main weapon in CS and know its properties (recoil, behavior, etc.), the main types of weapons are considered to be: m4a1, AK-47, Deagle, Awp, Usp, Galil, Glock, Famas. You also need to know the main cards. Among them are de_dust2, de_inferno, de_cbble, de_tuscan, de_nuke, de_train, de_mirage.

    At the beginning of the round, try to quickly purchase and do not use the auto buy mode (F1). In order to play Counter-Strike, you need good headphones to hear all the small details (enemy steps, etc.), in this game, the sound can greatly affect your destiny.

    Do not neglect the radar, do not turn it off. Do not shoot at long bursts (10-20 rounds), the queue is ideal for 2-3 rounds, and at long distances it’s better to shoot only one round. Long lines are suitable for rare melee battles.

    Do not fuss and do not run in a chaotic manner, on the territory of the enemy should move while holding the Shift key (slow walking).

    It should be borne in mind that the speed of movement directly depends on the weapon of your choice. It seems clear to everyone that the speed of running with a knife is different from the speed of movement with AWD. This should be taken into account, because, once, it can decide your game in fate, and maybe even the outcome of a round, or the whole game.

    The use of a flashlight in the game is quite controversial. To a greater extent, he gives you a rival, to a lesser extent a lantern illuminates your path.

    When an enemy appears, do not stand, but do not run in a straight line, use the A and D keys to run in different directions. If you are thrown into a military grenade (HE), run to meet it - this will reduce the damage. Approximately the same situation with flash-grenades, but you need to turn away from it by 180 degrees - it will blind you to a lesser extent. You cannot see the enemy clearly, but at least you can see it altogether.

    It is better to climb the stairs quietly (holding down the CTRL key), so the enemy will not hear you. Knowledge of English can help you in the game - you can listen to commands on the radio, sometimes there are very useful things heard.

    In a team game (especially 5x5), do not be afraid to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the whole team, such actions sometimes bring victory. Try not to shoot in motion - accuracy suffers greatly. Do not purchase a new vest if the old one still has more than 25%.

    Do not rush at the enemy, it is advisable to sneak up on him quietly using the card. In the game, your main opponent is your excitement. Believe in yourself and your team.

    It is necessary to take into account the features of some cards. For example, there are creaking doors, consider this. You can take advantage of this and watch for the enemy, and if you need to open such a door, you can use any objects for this in order not to substitute yourself, because a tricky opponent may be waiting for you at the door.

    Don't forget that you can shoot in Counter Strikeany wall, door or ceiling. That is, the enemy hiding behind them can be injured or even killed.

    It is not necessary to use someone else's configuration for the game. You need to develop your own, but it will come later with experience. And the best training for you and the team is to watch the demo of the game of professional teams and play on CSDM servers.

    COP is not for singles

    Counter-Strike is a team game, movement is best done in pairs, it is more effective than the actions of a single player. You can also prepare your behavior on the battlefield in advance to avoid fuss and confusion.

    And yet - how to learn to play well the COP? The question is both simple and complex. A full answer to it. Everything comes with experience, but does not come to all. Try it worth it. Perhaps you are the future professional player in Counter Strike, of whom there are not hundreds in the world. Now you know how to learn to play kc, it's up to you.

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