• How to learn to draw dogs?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    June 28, 2011
    How to learn to draw dogs?

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    How to learn to draw dogs?

    It is useful to draw, it is possible and necessary not only to artists, but also to all people, since childhood. As an adult, do you think that you have no talent for drawing, and therefore do not draw? Forget it, everyone can draw! And if you know some rules, it will be much easier to learn how to draw beautifully. Today we look at how to learn to draw dogs.

    Learn to draw dogs

    First, let's discuss the first problem that usually arises in a person who does not know how to learn to draw a dog. When drawing someone for the first time, it is difficult to correlate proportions and to depict parts of the body that fit each other in size. To avoid this, take a pencil, send it to your posing pet. The upper end of the pencil should be aligned with the top of the dog's head, and where the head ends and the body begins, place your thumb on the pencil. The resulting length will be the unit of measurement for the entire dog.That is, this distance you need to measure how many "heads" are in the body of the dog, in the paws. Pay attention to the fact that the pencil is always strictly in a horizontal position, and the arm is extended.

    According to the data, draw the usual lines in the direction in which one or another part of the dog is located. One line will be for the head of the dog, the second - for the body, and the next - for the legs.

    Now look at the dog and draw your lines in circles or ovals in accordance with the size of the body parts of the dog. When drawing individual details, observe how the ears are in relation to the head, eyes to the nose.

    In order to learn how to draw a dog, choose at the start of smooth-haired dogs. The outlines of such dogs are clearer than those of long-haired breeds. Be sure to draw with a pencil. Let the lines be fuzzy, and in the form of light strokes. Try to use less eraser, correcting inaccuracies adjacent pencil lines.

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