• How to learn sex?

    How old are you now? I hope not very little :)

    Now adolescents start their sexual life very early, but before you start it, you need to have an idea of ​​what sex is and how not to harm yourself and your partner, because sex is not only pleasure, it is also a responsibility. You are in love, and you like a magnet pulls to the second half, but how to learn sex? In this article I will try to reveal the basic concepts that you need to know, and also tell you how to learn to have sex: where to start, what to fear, and how to complete the process. And if you're wondering how to learn sex videos - then, of course, for the sake of curiosity, you can watch videos on the Internet, but it is unlikely that you will find anything other than porn videos with already experienced actors, this is not really suitable for beginners. Better read the article. Let's start in order.

    How to learn how to have sex

    As such, the rules in sex does not happen. This is a game of improvisation. There are no rules, how to moan, how to hold a partner, or any other. There are certain tips that will help make this process as enjoyable and harmless as possible.

    Security. If you decide that it's time to have sex, then take care of yourself and your partner. The ideal remedy is a condom. It will help the girl not to get pregnant (and in fact only one sexual intercourse can suffice so that later you have a baby), as well as avoid various STIs (sexually transmitted infections). This method is available, does not require medical advice. REMEMBER! Buy condoms should be in a pharmacy, be sure to check the expiration date and package integrity! There are also many other methods of contraception (i.e., protection against unwanted pregnancy): pills, spirals, etc., but this is not recommended for beginners, and even more so, the gynecologist should recommend these drugs to the girl.

    Types of sex

    • Vaginal sex - so to say, ordinary sex, i.e. when the male member penetrates the female vagina. Here it is necessary to know the following: it is this kind of sex that leads to pregnancy, and also, if a girl has her first experience, then it is likely that she will bleed during sex (but not true, some people don’t have it). This is due to the fact that the virgin membrane breaks in the vagina.
    • Anal sex.The penis penetrates the anus to the partner. For many girls, this causes discomfort and unpleasant, sometimes painful sensations, but on the contrary, most men like anal sex very much.
    • Oral sex. Accordingly, the member penetrates the mouth. This is a prelude favorite by many men (ie, the beginning of sexual intercourse). It is believed that the modern girl should be able to do blowjob (oral sex). But my recommendations to girls: make it only to the person you really love, you should not get carried away, and deal with them with many partners, and then earn a bad name.
    • Masturbation. In essence, this is sex with yourself. Those. men do it themselves (or with special devices from the sex shop) to ejaculate. Also, women, touching and massaging their erogenous zones (in particular the clitoris), bring themselves to orgasm.

    Poses. There is a huge number of different postures: the classic one is a man from above, the pose of a "horsewoman" (the girl is on top), the pose of "cancer" is in the common people (the man is behind) and many others. But if this is the first sexual experience, then you probably should start with a classic pose.You can familiarize yourself with the postures by reading the "Kama Sutra", but again, you should not start with it.

    Where to begin

    • Moral preparation: both partners must be morally ready for their first experience, it is desirable that this is mutual love or at least sympathy, because this is the key to success in sex. You also need to tune in to the fact that you should not be afraid of blood (if the girl goes to the girl), and also that the first experience can give the girl a slightly painful feeling.
    • Place preparation. The first experience is a memory for life. May this memory be beautiful. Find a room with a bed and linens where you will be comfortable and convenient. You should not immediately practice sex in dirty entrances and incomprehensible positions, then your relationship will not become better from this. In addition to the site, prepare the necessary materials: a condom (read how to use it correctly in the article on how to properly wear a condom), napkins, lubricant (preferably).
    • Lasky. Before directing the vagina, caress each other: touch, stroke, kiss, and kiss the body. You can also start with oral sex. About blowjob and cunnilingus is described in detail here: how to make cunnilingus and how to make blowjob.The truth of these articles you should not take the penetration of fingers in all places, and cum in the girl's mouth, because your goal is sex, and oral caress - in this case it is just a preparation that will allow you to trust each other more.

    Process itself

    1. Put on a condom
    2. Take a comfortable position so that a member can easily penetrate the vagina. Use a lubricant (lubricate either the penis or the entrance to the vagina)
    3. Well, here it remains only to have sex. Slowly and gently insert the penis into the vagina (if necessary, girls can help the hand to direct the pence to the right place), and start moving. Frictions (movements), especially the first ones, should not be very fast, they can and should be accelerated gradually. During sex, kiss, caress each other, look at your partner!

    Process completion

    As a rule, the first sexual experience of girls does not end in orgasm - and this is normal. Of course, there are those who will experience it, but women do not have as much fluid as men (sperm) and they do not need to worry where to end. But men can choose. Interesting and informative article on this topic: where to finish ...

    Now a little about some of the most common questions, how to learn to do sex.

    How to learn anal sex

    The most important thing here is the agreement of both partners.It is also necessary to use good lubrication (sold in pharmacies) and do everything slowly. The most successful posture is from behind (the girl should stand leaning on her knees and elbows), and the man is behind. Few people mention this, but it is desirable for a girl to do a cleansing enema before. In general, this type of sex is recommended for men when they become more experienced in vaginal sex, to be able to bring pleasure to the girl. But for girls, this option is good because they do not get pregnant. It is also good that before penetrating a member into the anus, insert a finger (of course, with lubricant), and then two, in order to slightly stretch the hole. And only after that enter a member. If a girl has intolerable pain, then it is better to abandon this idea, and try another time when she will be ready.

    How to learn sex from above

    This type of sex is very popular with men, because he can observe all the beauty of the female body, and here she will definitely have to move, and not just be from below.

    Girls, it is important that this was not the first time. After all, the first time can be sick, and she can not "sit down" on the penis.And it is very simple to learn: a man lies down, a girl sits on top, makes sure that the member is in an erect (firm, elastic) state, preferably also with a condom, and slowly “sits down” on the member (inserts it into the vagina). Then you need to move, and here you can try: the main thing is not to jump too high so that the penis does not jump out of the vagina. At this time, the man can touch the girl's chest, which will allow her to feel more confident, and even more excited.

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