• How to lead a healthy lifestyle?

    Health is an extremely important indicator in a person’s life. After all, success, productivity, and mood depend on it. It is pleasant to whom, because of the disease, to lose pleasure, interesting work and much more. Health is influenced by many different factors. It is practically impossible to influence some of them, for example, on the development of medicine, the ecological situation, genetic prerequisites. But there are also such parameters that are directly dependent on the person. I think you will agree that lifestyle, like nothing else, affects health. Therefore, doctors have for many years been talking about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A logical question arises, but how to lead a healthy lifestyle? After all, it is a collective concept that includes a whole range of different components. We will talk about this now.

    What is a healthy lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle, or HLS for short, is a collective concept in the definition of which the opinions of doctors are somewhat different. Some say that this is a reasonable human behavior in order to preserve health.Others - that this is a complex effect on the body of various factors in order to strengthen and develop health. And that, and another opinion can be called true. After all, HLS includes both of these characteristics.

    HLS - is a certain way of life of a person, with the help of which prevention of diseases and health promotion in general takes place. This definition is the most common to date.

    The formation of a healthy lifestyle is especially worth noting. It is believed that its foundations are laid in the family at an early age. And indeed it is. Many habits are formed during the school period of life and accompany a person throughout life, for example, daily hardening and charging, the habit of brushing teeth twice a day, etc.

    As we have said, healthy lifestyle is a complex and broad concept. Let's consider separately the basics of a healthy lifestyle, in other words, its constituent parts. For each person, they are different depending on the region and profession, however, there are some common points.

    Proper nutrition

    Probably, if you ask any person how to lead a healthy lifestyle, then, first of all, you will be called - adherence to a healthy diet. And indeed it is. As our ancestors said: you are what you eat.Therefore, it is imperative to think about what we eat.

    First of all, it is important to understand that with the modern lifestyle, more and more people prefer to eat convenience foods and junk food rather than cook healthy food. Such food is much tastier, and cook faster. But she, in any case, will not bring any benefit to your health. But there are a number of foods that are recommended to include in your diet:

    • lean meat, skinless chicken, fish;
    • dairy products - natural yogurts, low-fat milk, cottage cheese;
    • fresh fruits and vegetables;
    • bread, wholemeal bakery products;
    • fresh juices, green tea;
    • water.

    It is worth remembering about the method of cooking. It is advisable to avoid fried, smoked or salted foods. It is best to eat only steamed food. Particular attention should be paid to water. It is recommended to drink at least 6 glasses of pure water a day. This contributes to the removal of toxins from the body.

    In addition, if you are thinking about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, then be sure to follow the diet. It is best to eat in small portions, but often.The last meal should occur no earlier than 3 hours before bedtime.

    Cleaning the body and fasting days

    Our body constantly absorbs a variety of substances and elements. Some of them accumulate in the liver and intestines, which leads to the saddest consequences. To avoid this, you should regularly engage in cleaning the body. We will not dwell on this issue in detail, you can read about our body cleansing in detail in our articles: “How to clean the liver?”, “How to clean the intestines?”, “How to clean the blood?”.

    Hardening and Physical Education

    Hardening is an indispensable factor in a healthy lifestyle. It strengthens the body and helps fight disease. In addition, tempering normalizes the work of the nervous system, which is extremely important for stress resistance.

    If you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can not ignore physical education. It is enough to do exercises once a day in order to strengthen your body. Also, charging will help you strengthen your willpower and maintain a stable mode of the day. Remember that you should not overwork your body. Choose for yourself the load with which you cope quite easily.Over time, the intensity of training needs to be increased.

    Daily regime

    Another important parameter for how to lead a healthy lifestyle is adherence to the daily regimen. So, a properly built schedule of wakefulness and sleep will help improve health, give strength and allow you to cope with even the heaviest loads. Remember that you should sleep at least 7 hours for men, 8 hours for women and 10 hours for children. Going to bed and getting up should be at the same time. Also, be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime.

    Diet should also be constant. If possible, get used to eating as regularly as possible. This will help your digestive system to work without problems.

    Rejection of bad habits

    Remember that our addictions as nothing else affects the state of our health. First of all, they include tobacco smoking, alcohol use, all types of drugs, game addiction, etc.

    Probably, in the view of any of us, a person who leads a healthy lifestyle is one who does not smoke or drink alcohol. But it is important to note that a small amount of wine, for example, is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Remember that everything should be a measure.Therefore, if you decide to start a healthy lifestyle, then give up your bad habits and your body will thank you.

    A little bit about mental health

    Surely, you know that human health consists of several components - physical health, mental and moral. All of them are closely related to each other, so if the psyche suffers, then, first of all, it will affect the state of the body. For example, in the form of stress or somatic diseases.

    Sometimes, in order to avoid serious illnesses, it is enough just to relax, be alone or do yourself. Therefore, if you are seriously thinking about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, be sure to include entertainment in your life. In addition, avoid quarrels, stress, and mental overload.

    Healthy lifestyle culture

    It is worth saying that it is not enough just to change the diet, give up bad habits and get enough sleep. A healthy lifestyle is a culture that has been instilled in us since childhood. But if you decide to change your lifestyle, then it's never too late to start. In this difficult matter, it is important to set a goal to be healthy and persevere in pursuing it.Remember that a healthy lifestyle is formed for quite a long time, because it requires a full or partial change of our most familiar cases.

    It is especially important to lead a healthy lifestyle for children. After all, it is during this age period that the foundations of behavior are laid for the rest of their lives. If you have a child, be sure to instill in him skills that will be useful for his health.

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