• How to lay the foundation of the house

    Having carefully prepared the area for the foundation, proceed to the next step of its laying. It is about digging holes and trenches. Pay special attention to conform to norms and standards. The dimensions of the pits and trenches are directly dependent on the level of groundwater, the properties of the soil and the depth of its freezing.
    The depth of freezing in different areas is different. However, all the nuances that relate to this issue, you will explain perhaps that a professional in the construction business. Independently solve the problem without the appropriate education and knowledge, you are unlikely to succeed. If there are design or construction organizations near you, you can try to inquire there. So you will save not only your precious time, but also money. You can also ask a few questions about the soil in your area. This knowledge will be useful to you. Most of the bookmark optionsfoundationdetermined by the size of the pit or trench.
    The depth of the trench usually have this: less than a meter or more than a meter. In the second case, the trench is made with the extension up. And if its depth does not exceed 60 cm, in this case, the walls of the trench are made vertical. Having dealt with the trench, you can safely begin to pour concrete foundation. Here you do not have to face significant difficulties.

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