• How to lay the foundation for the house

    From the type of soil is completely dependent on the depth at which will be laidfoundation. You also need to take into account the depth of freezing and the level of groundwater. These figures can be determined by digging a well about 2 meters deep. Bookmarkfoundationand should be made below the depth of soil freezing.
    It is necessary to be extremely careful when erecting buildings on dust sands that are saturated with water. Problems may arise with silt and loess soil. As a natural basis, it is extremely not recommended to use vegetable soils and peatlands.
    If the natural soil can not provide good stability of the building being erected on it, you need to deal with the device of an artificial base. The simplest artificial base is sand and gravel. They are best applied when the device requires deep geological conditions.foundationovIn this situation, the base will replace part of the rubblefoundationa. Often used sand and gravelfoundations to increase the area of ​​pressure transfer to the ground from the bottomfoundationa.
    Under the bearing wallsat homeneed to dofoundationwidth, depending on the permissible load on the soil, as well as on the load on the soil, created by the walls. First you need to map out the locationfoundationa. You can break this area with a cord and a large square. Dimensions must be checked several times. At a distance of 1 meter from the pegs, a rag should be installed, which consists of pillars with boards nailed at the level of 1 meter from the ground. After that, it is necessary to carefully check and eliminate the existing faults. To determine the wall thicknessfoundationand you need on both sides of the first axles to tighten the second. On both axes on the ground, draw lines and outline the contours of the inner and outer sides.foundationa.

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